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Prime your team for action with a warning order

Last week I listed the six main steps in military battle procedure, which is used to get units and troops ready for action. The first step is to receive and then issue a warning order. 177 more words


How to Create a Logo

- Research -

 ALWAYS start with knowing your brand. Research will always be the first step in design. Regardless of what type of brand, you’re logo should capture its feel, theme and mood. 1,109 more words


App 101: The Building Blocks of a Successful App for Your Company

The age of the Smartphone is among us. From Android to iOS to Blackberry, apps have become a normal part of everyday life. Apps are programs that run on Smartphones to perform tasks. 429 more words


5 Whys 'Japanese Problem Solving*

Japanese Problem Solving Trick

“The 5 Whys”

A really powerful technique for problem solving and building an adaptive culture. The technique was invented by Sakichi Toyoda (Toyota founder) in early 1900′s…Silicon Valley has now discovered the power of 5 Whys.

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Organizational alignment: coalescing culture, organization and leadership

Torben Rick’s piece on organizational alignment made me think – it’s a simple concept but never-the-less overlooked: strategy can only be implemented if the organization is aligned with it. 28 more words


Why leaders and companies fail

Hello there

In my previous post I talked about what makes a great leader, used Aristotle’s modes of persuasion and expanded them to show that these modes also make a great leader, not only a great rhetor. 788 more words