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“Got” Strategy? - Why the trickling down effect does not work

Crucial for the performance of companies is the so-called “embeddedness” of their strategy among the employees (i.e. is the strategy understood and accepted).

The understanding part is the first hurdle. 203 more words


The Rise and Fall of a Logo

Aeropostale is a teen inspired clothing store focused on the ‘prep’ market. The once popular brand recently woke to find itself on quite the roller coaster and has struggled to sail smoothly since. 364 more words


Which of your revenue streams are the most valuable to a buyer?

Revenue may seem like a straightforward topic; what could be easier than adding up revenue? But the truth is that not all revenue is created equal. 552 more words

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Read Journal of Management's Special Issue on Bayesian Probability and Statistics in Management Research for Free!

Since its creation in the 18th century, Bayesian inference has had a fairly complex history. In its darker times it has fallen into obscurity, while brighter days have seen it applied to projects such as cracking Enigma in World War II. 375 more words


How to thrive as a student entrepreneur.

When you look at the ambitious and successful career of Hedy Wang, one gets the impression that this young lady is one to watch .The Guildford based entrepreneur has been carving herself a place in the business world since she was a student at the University of Surrey one accessory at a time. 827 more words


10 internal communication ideas that cut through

Internal communication is a tricky game. Often under resourced (and valued), it is prone to being considered an afterthought or a box that only needs to be checked. 1,035 more words


Is Customer Service Adapting to the Mobile Customer?

Mobile commerce used to be considered an added extra. Most customers browsing an online store would shop on a laptop or PC and not on the tiny screen of their phone – but that has all changed. 364 more words

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