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‘Change is good, but no change is generally better’; the business case for change and the end of banking

The title of this post is an old saying amongst classic English tailors which (off-topic) were it followed by more people would spare us a lot of eye straining ‘fashion items’ in the public domain. 646 more words


The Power of Routine

One of the first things I learned during my macro economics class this year, was that all of us have unlimited wants, needs and desires. Unfortunately, we cannot meet all of these wants because of one main concept: scarcity. 1,216 more words

Chris McLaughlin

Multichannel customer service isn’t innovation; it’s simply what customers expect today

How many blogs or articles have been written recently that talk about multichannel customer service as if it is the next big thing? Really? It’s not what the board should be talking about in strategy meetings that are designing a future agenda because its already here, right now. 398 more words

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Harmony of the opposites

War is the manifestation of two opposites.

I define war as the manifestation of two opposites.  If you move you encounter opposition of air resistance and gravity, this opposition is war.  558 more words


2014 Strategic Plan

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower

At Builders International, we work hard to plan as we seek God’s direction and wisdom, and then take action in pursuit of that plan.  

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On Margins and Disruption

Which industries have the highest net margins?

Exactly the ones you’d expect – financial services, IT, media, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, alcoholic beverages.

What’s more striking is how low net margins across most industries are. 236 more words


Managers always get what they really want ....

It was our fourth meeting to set out plans to develop a green sustainable agenda. So far we’d worked on customers, manufacturing and suppliers. My client was serious about sustainability. 341 more words

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