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Stories in Marketing Work

Tell Yours if you Want People to Give a Damn

Everyone goes on about telling your story in your marketing. This is why:

People find good stories captivating.


Two ways to beat the competition

You have probably read and heard a long list of methods and strategies for your business to compete in the marketplace. Reality is there are only two ways and here they are.


The 5 Stages of User Life-cycle - I

When developing a user engagement framework, it is important to understand the user life cycle and plan to engage the user in different ways at each stage of the life-cycle. 443 more words


Marketing is Mostly Common Sense

And anybody who doesn’t agree with me is full of it.

Seriously, marketing is quite easy. Marketing is nothing more than persuasion and negotiation – that’s it. 289 more words


Is it Possible to Have a Perfect Strategy?

That was the question posed in a recent forum. It’s an interesting question and deserved a response. With the benefit of hindsight, I’ve edited and embellished my answer: 277 more words

Strategic Thinking

Essays and Strategy

So I picked my schools and now it’s time to stick to my guns and not be wavered by general opinion… which is much harder than it sounds! 564 more words


Purpose in Not-for-profit organisations...

Purpose of trust or benefit for others. Legislative objectives can determine existence. Their return involves personal fulfilment. Political influence? Reporting back to donors may be as important as fulfilling their wishes. 96 more words