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Purpose in Not-for-profit organisations...

Purpose of trust or benefit for others. Legislative objectives can determine existence. Their return involves personal fulfilment. Political influence? Reporting back to donors may be as important as fulfilling their wishes. 96 more words


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Why do 70% of startups fail within the first 2 years (source: http://www.sba.gov)? How are some companies more successful than others? What makes a select few companies dictate the market and eventually become gorillas of those industries while others perish? 122 more words


Quick! Make a Decision!

Working as a pre-construction professional, I evaluate projects very early in the construction process.  Yet, this preliminary work is based on limited or nearly nonexistent information.   286 more words


Sunrider: First Arrival

My Score:  6.5/10


Sunrider: First Arrival is a game available free to play on Steam for PC.  It was released on July 2nd, 2014 and is an RPG strategy game. 1,485 more words


Whilst you are working on your new technology, the world keeps moving..

One of the really challenging aspects of innovation is that nothing stands still. Whilst you are developing new technologies, approaches and designs, so are your competitors. 149 more words

Business Impact

How To Get An Effective Start by (e)SALLYKWITT

Well-known player Sally Witt – (e)SALLYKWITT – shares her tips and recommendations on how to get an effective start on Empire Avenue for newbies. 
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Profit maximising or Satisficing?

Profit maximising…. Sole purpose to increase profits. Shareholder focus. Implications for other stakeholders.

Satisficing…. Satisfy and suffice all in one. Doing only what is needed, and no more. 299 more words