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We played MIL at Peter and Jen’s. It’s mostly a euro/strategy game with some player interaction in the form of land grabbing and vassalship. It suffers from an unfortunate name (MIL is supposed to stand for 1049 in pig latin) and had us chuckling and groaning at the unintentional but very present objectification of women. 882 more words

Worker Placement

'The Gaming Goddess' Podcast - Season 6, Ep. 5: "His Highness, Prince Marth"

On this episode of the podcast, the awesome Prince_Marth85 (a.k.a. Haldegon) joins me on Skype for his first appearance on the show! Marth is a huge fan of video games – strategy games and RPGs in particular – so much of his time on the show is spent discussing those specific things, as well as horror games and legal questions regarding emulation. 99 more words


HeX board 121 yw

121 cells HeX board, 15 mm tiles, print it on 210 x 297 mm sheet (A4) – scacchiera 11 x 11 PER PEDINE ROSSE E BLU DA15 mm – STAMPA SU A4 (210 X 297mm)


Age of Empires developers releasing new game with Stardock

BonusXP, a company founded by senior Age of Empires developers, announced this morning that they will publish an upcoming PC strategy title with Stardock Entertainment, best known for the Galactic Civilizations series. 453 more words


Focus Factory Refit

In my previous post, I mentioned that I recently helped two new players through a learning game of X-Wing Miniatures. One was creating his own Imperial squadron, the other was borrowing some of my ships, and had played several demo games, but didn’t know how to build a list. 1,025 more words

Strategy Games

Hoard on PSN - Review

Hoard – PSN – Review

Recently I discovered a fun game on the PSN (PlayStation Newtwork) call Hoard.  It was developed by Big Sandwich Games and was a decent mix of Action and Strategy. 152 more words

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