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Star Wars: Commander gives Clone Wars-era kit to the Rebels in their fight against the Empire

Disney Interactive has found a fan-friendly way to tie the Clone Wars into a game that takes place after Luke Skywalker has turned the Death Star into a space junkyard. 986 more words


The Tabletop General

Welcome to the Tabletop General – a new blog for discussion of strategy games, tactics, issues facing the gaming community, and whatever else happens to cross my mind on a given day.  541 more words

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Bar Balance

Balance as many crates crates as you can on the bar in the short time given you! Dropping the crates on the edges will greatly increase your score, but be careful! 43 more words

about Zefiewings

Hail gamers and readers. This is Zefiewings and this is my site. And if you linked to this bubble that, presumably, means you are interested in learning about me. 255 more words

About Me

Let's Play - Endless Space

For my second attempt at a Let’s Play I am trying Endless Space. This is another 4x strategy game WOOT! The planet and empire management in the game are very satisfying and the combat is is different than anything I have seen before. 40 more words


Memoir '44 - 01 - Pegasus Bridge

Winner: Draw

Full Scenario


Set on the night of June 5th, 1944  this scenario recreates the brief battle for Pegasus Bridge. Or Bénouville Bridge, as it was known at the time, in Normandy, France. 829 more words


Candy bags

Which one do you like, a lollipop, an orange-flavored gum, or a fancy chocolate heart? Collect your own candy bags now and taste them all! Your goal in this game is to collect all candies of the same kind before the computer does. 12 more words