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Incoming! Goblins Attack TD

Tower Defence has always seem to work on iOS thanks to precise touch screen controls and the rather passive play style that comes with planting your weaponry, starting the round and watching whatever arbitrary enemy you are trying to destroy have your strategically placed chaos rain down upon them. 508 more words

Warlock: Master of the Arcane, Strategy Wiz

I’m not sure if I ever said it, but I love strategy games.  Warlock: Master of the Arcane is a game that sticks out in my mind as a perfect example of the genre.   1,507 more words

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Mount And Blade: Warband

Hey guys. Today we’re covering a medieval warfare/strategy game from Taleworlds Entertainment and Paradox Interactive.

In M&B, the player creates their character, and is set loose in Calradia, a land of warring nations. 957 more words

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Plague Inc: Evolved, Eradicate Humanity!

So I wiped out 99% of humanity today and still fucking lost!  Plague Inc: Evolved is a game for the strategic mastermind in all of us.   1,318 more words

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Double-Up Discussion: Color Stairs, Fluff Eaters

The first game of today’s double article is Color Stairs!  An interesting concept for iOS systems, you can get this game for free on your iphone or ipad.   711 more words

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7 Wonders, the Board Game

For how much David and I love playing board games we really do not talk about them enough. We had played 7 Wonders once before at a friends house or watched it being played and last night we got to get together with a friend and really test out the game by playing a borrowed copy. 664 more words


The Parsnip Theory, Lunchroom Throwdown

If every highschool kid in the world could design video games, The Parsnip Theory would probably be the first game they make.  Though it has a few rough edges, its design and gameplay are certainly an experience worth a play, especially with friends.   1,022 more words

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