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Slaughterball, Bloody Freaking Fun

Recently, thanks to Erik at Frog the What games, I had the chance to play through a two-man game of Slaughterball.  It is an inventive and exciting game about a futuristic game, based on handball and combined with genetic mutants and freaks.   1,799 more words

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First Impressions of Defense Grid 2: My 4 Favorite New Features

I’m a huge fan of tower defense games, and Defense Grid:The Awakening was, until recently, the best I’ve ever played. I discovered it as a free download via Xbox’s Games With Gold program, and got hooked immediately. 696 more words

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Why the Creator of Final Fantasy is Making a Free-to-Play Mobile Game

The name Hironobu Sakaguchi should be familiar to any devotee of Japanese RPGs, but even if you’re not acquainted with him, you have likely learned of his most celebrated development: Final Fantasy. 1,454 more words

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Number of Players: 2

Year of Publication: 1991

Creator(s): Blaise Muller


Quarto! is complicated Connect Four and for this review we’ve done a video, our first real video review! 153 more words


Other Amazing Titles From GrandCon

Hello everyone! I played so many great games at GrandCon, so there was no way that I could just stop at one post. It was amazing the number of GREAT games I played. 754 more words

World of Warcraft - InfoBarrel

I played world regarding Warcraft for almost two years. During, this period of my life I ran a small guild, nevertheless was obviously a notable PVPer on my small server Boulderfist. 494 more words

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Best IOS games

Number one: Clash of Clans created by Supercell

Hitting number one on the top grossing charts for three years in a row, clash of clans is one of the most profitable and most enjoyable game of its kind. 476 more words