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App of the Week - Color Zen

I was going to do an academic related app today, but there’s a break coming up, and sometimes we just need something that’s good at sucking up our time. 205 more words

App Of The Week

兵道鏡 - Mirror Tactics: Overview

Enter the war-torn Island of Rokkoku (六国島). For years, six great kingdoms have fought for dominance of the island. For peace to reign, a Shogun must be established to keep the kingdoms in order. 284 more words

Scot Eaton

Tanner Reviews Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth (11/9/2014)

Sorry. It has been a long couple of days. If it isn’t the schedule then it is a tragedy that cuts into my schedule. But hopefully I will be able to put it beside me for the moment and get a review written. 1,004 more words


The Reason Why we play video games and What kind of needs do they satisfy?

What are the positive effects of video games and the top 3 needs they satisfy? Autonomy is one of these of these needs that allows players to develop a sense of individuality and control. 248 more words

Massive Multiplayer Online

Conquest Timers: The Artificial Padding of Grand Strategy Games

As a gamer, I’m a fan of a good grand strategy game.  While their universal ability to consume whole days of time means they don’t form a regular part of my gaming schedule purely for reasons of self-preservation, every now and again I will indulge and sink my teeth into a meaty title just long enough to conquer whichever slice of the world (or galaxy) is on offer today.   1,931 more words