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15 Highest-Paying Jobs For Professionals With Excellent 'People Skills'

Are you a natural negotiator or a superb public speaker? Can you get along with almost anyone, anywhere? Do you typically succeed in leadership roles? 126 more words

6 Tactics For Powering Through A Workday On No Sleep

Let’s get this out of the way first: not getting any sleep makes you irritable, unfocused, and immoral. But sometimes due to sick kids, tight deadlines, or killer parties, we’re left with no option but to plow through a workday with little to no sleep. 434 more words

The 10 Fastest Growing Private Companies In The US

The fastest growing private companies this year have seen incredible growth due to a combination of innovative products for untapped markets, focused leadership, and old-fashioned hard work. 215 more words

It's Windows Phone's last at bat with two strikes left

The HTC One is one of Android’s best phones — it came second in our list of recommended flagship phones — and it is now available for Windows Phone. 844 more words


Student-Driven Learning Goals

Each year, I challenge myself to find some new way to improve my instructional methods, as well as to motivate my students. One of the challenges I have discovered in this constant self-development, however, has been that I neglect the MOST important part in all of it: the learners.  351 more words


Your Silent Salesman

B2B Buyers are smarter than ever

A staggering statistic came across the desk last week.  Staggering in that it made a lot of sense but at the same time staggering that business was going on ‘as usual’.  439 more words

Content Marketing

Three tips for attorneys to get more speaking engagements:

We came across a great article from lawmarketing.com and had to share these great tips!

Here are three tips to finding speaking engagements:

1.  Tell Everyone You Want To Speak! 260 more words

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