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Why defining the culture of your organization is so important

There are so many motivators for starting an entrepreneurial venture, and most new small business owners have big ideas on the type of working environment they wish to create for themselves and their employees, as well as the experience they’d like their customers and clients to walk away with. 375 more words

6 Different Group Discussion Styles

After a church decides the purpose of their small groups, the next big task will be to decide what sort of lessons their groups will use. 1,202 more words

Fuel Groups

Sustainable Moat: Five force analysis is NOT Enough

Note: Words in italics are extracts from the book. 

Why five forces important?

The collective strength of the five forces matters because it affects prices, costs, and the investment required to compete. 2,616 more words

Competitive Advantage

In ArmA You Are Not The Only Hero

After finishing up (roughly) ArmA III’s main campaign, I feel I must observe possibly the last subject of peculiarity that separates this game’s singleplayer modes from those of others. 826 more words


Knowledge (MIS)Management

“Knowledge Management” is one of the most misused or abused business terms in the recent decades. In this brief and casual article I will try to clarify the confusion – offering my perspective. 755 more words


Video Analysis: USA vs. Japan WUGC 2012

As Fury gears up for international competition at WUCC in Lecco, Anna Nazarov of Fury shares a quick video analysis on the last three points of footage from the… 296 more words

Anna Nazarov

3 Ways Stories Improve Advertising

With all the noise that exists in the advertising world, marketers are tasked with not just spreading the message of their brand, but doing so in a way that stands out to consumers. 533 more words