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The Right Kind of People Magnet

Who are you picking up?

Years ago I knew a great guy who called himself ‘Flypaper for Freaks‘. Sometimes the best cure for the frustration of the ills of life is to laugh yourself silly about them for hours with a good friend. 1,306 more words

Philosophy For Living Well


Nestlé’s Peter Brabeck: our attitude towards water needs to change -

Nestlé chair Peter Brabeck talks to Jo Confino about the need to build water stewardship into core business strategy and how a sense of entitlement causes irresponsible use. 1,347 more words



Good Food, Good Life -

Our objective is to be the leader in Nutrition Health and Wellness, and the industry reference for financial performance, trusted by all stakeholders.

Source: Nestle Roadmap


Seriously. Here Comes Everyone: The Twin Tweets of Twitter

Day 1.  Alright.  So once I googled what a hashtag was and sat thru my first Twitter crash course with my Millennial renter, I learned there are two ways to tweet and which one you do matters.   490 more words

Online Tools

Keep calm and TWEET on!

When I first heard about Twitter, I was a little intimidated by its simplicity and perplexed at how it was going to revolutionize how we communicate.   291 more words


Tip#2: Less is More when it comes to Strategy

What is the most important aspect when it comes to Strategy?
As a business owner, if there is one thing you want to do as part of your Strategy, my view is that it should be FOCUS. 262 more words