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Life Drawing Spring 2014

First of three final drawings in my life drawing class this semester. This is graphite on strathmore drawing paper. On the next drawing I chose to use charcoal. 

Top Fry Great Rift 10-aside Rugby 2014 Edition underway in Nakuru.

The biggest Rugby competition in East and Central Africa is slated to start this morning, 18th to 20th April 2014 at the Nakuru Athletics Club. The event will be running from 08.00 am to 12.20 p.m. 73 more words


Sanguine Art - Style Study (Raphael) PT. 2

2 Hour Pencil Study: Sanguine (Conté á Paris), Strathmore Tan Toned Paper

I’m still just working on understanding the hatching system that Raphael employed, I note particularly small point areas and some amazing shifts in pressure as the media is applied. 70 more words

Ladybug – Please Fly Away Home!

Ever since I can remember, I have loved ladybugs. I recently discovered a ladybug not moving and lying on her back in my bathroom. I’d heard that ladybugs sometime play dead, so I gently picked her up and placed her outside on the railing of my back deck. 74 more words

Drawing: The Foundation Of All Visual Arts

Sanguine Art - Style Study (Raphael)

2 Hour Pencil Study: Sanguine & White (Conté á Paris), Strathmore Tan Toned Paper

I’ve really been dying to understand how Raphael and his contemporaries were able to achieve such amazing hatching techniques so I pulled up a few of his pieces and just sat and stared at them for what seemed like hours. 107 more words

Phoney Bone

I’ve been playing around with some ideas I might try for this year’s Inktober. October is always a crazy time of year for me I’ve decided this year I’m going to front load. 38 more words


Sanguine Art - Sketches 3

 1 Hour 30  Pencil Study: Sanguine & White (Conté á Paris), Strathmore Tan Toned Paper

Today was an exercise in letting go. I had to stop trying to be too rigid, stop trying to force the anatomical lines, feel the pose of the gesture and let my lines flow with my arm. 146 more words