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Ask a Geologist / Stratigraphy and Fossil Sites

What if paleoanthropologists and archaeologists adopted the visual method of recording and correlating stratigraphy that geologists utilize? Stratigraphy is the sequence of: rock types, formations, time designations for a specific site and lateral correlation with other sites. 103 more words

Asperger's Human Experience

What is Forensic Archaeology? - Minoan Pottery - Mattock, Mimbres Site, New Mexico

What is Forensic Archaeology?

Forensic Archaeology is using the concepts and practices from archaeology in modern crime scenes and legal investigations. Mainly used for burial sites and graves and in association with the police. 921 more words


Merry Christmas!!

Wishing you all an amazing Christmas.

May it be full of love, laughter, friendship and family xx


Thank you so much for all of your support over the past year. 29 more words


Still Ill

We have a plague on both our houses (ours and my mother-in-law’s next door). Everyone has a chest infection, we are all coughing like old sheep and the kitchen is vanishing under the piles of the useful dosing syringes you get with Capol: even the two year old sounds like a pensioner asking for twenty Berkley Menthol Kingsize in the corner shop. 437 more words


What are Portable Antiquities? - The Great Torc - Stonehenge

What are Portable Antiquities?

Portable Antiquities are items and artefacts that can be moved around and are not fixed in place.

Over the years the general public have found huge amounts of portable antiquities and some of these are sold or kept in private collections. 1,097 more words

What Is Archaeology

Why is Archaeology Destructive? - Deer Masks - Hill of Tara, Ireland

Why is Archaeology Destructive?

Although we learn so much about past people –  their daily lives, what they ate, drank, how they lived, where they lived and can connect them with their relatives living today – it does come at a cost. 795 more words