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What is Experimental Archaeology? - The Dumfriesshire Viking Hoard - Birka, Sweden

What Is Experimental Archaeology? 

Experimental archaeology is where an artefact, building, process or system from the past is reproduced to help us better understand how things were created by past cultures. 912 more words


Dig Day #9 - Our Last Day Excavating!

By Gagan Dhillon

November 10, 2014 was our last day in the field. It was a very cold and windy day, but none of us wanted it to be our last of excavating. 397 more words

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What Types of Dating are There? - The Bodgar Boy - The Battle of Zama Site, Tunisia

What Types of Dating are There?

Now lets make things clear – we are talking archaeology dating here!!

Below is a quick outline of all the main methods of dating used by archaeologists, or that assist archaeology in dating the artefacts that are uncovered. 1,247 more words


"Forum: Archaeology of the Anthropocene"


Edgeworth, M., Benjamin, J., Clarke, B., Crossland, Z., Domanska, E., Gorman, A. C., Graves-Brown, P., Harris, E. C., Hudson, M. J., Kelley, J. M., Paz, V. 1,426 more words

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Dig Day #6

By Lorin Brace and Amanda Roach

On October 20th gray skies once again extended over Roosevelt Park as our field methods class began Day 6… 387 more words

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Dig Day #5

By Dovie Jenkins and Katie Orlicki

Dig Day #5, October 13th, was another rainy day but that didn’t keep us from excavating our units in Roosevelt Park. 496 more words

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Debris basins and signals in sedimentary landscapes

I recently submitted a review paper along with four co-authors on the topic of signal propagation in sedimentary systems across timescales. The idea that landscapes contain within them information about controls such as tectonics and climate has been a part of our science for a very long time. 500 more words