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What Is Archaeology

The SPICE Event: global disruption in the Late Cambrian carbon cycle

In the last post, we explored how geologists use chemostratigraphy to correlate sedimentary layers, especially limestone, from one part of the world to another. Now, I would like to provide you with a specific example of how this is done. 1,606 more words


Chemostratigraphy: silent objector to 'Flood Geology'

It all began with breakfast in the park.Years ago, when I was in the middle of writing my master’s thesis, I took my then future wife on a trip to meet my family and visit the place where I grew up. 2,768 more words


Late Triassic Horizons of India and its correlation with standard biostratigraphic stages as well as with horizons of different basins around world by Saurabh Pal

According to standard stratigraphy late Triassic is subdivided in three stages that are Carnian, Nornian and Rhaetian from older to younger respectively. Upper Triassic is rich in vertebrate fossils and found all over the world, this report gives special emphasise over Phytosaur which are good vertebrate fossil index of Triassic period. 354 more words


Fragments of the Fossil Record: "Thigh Bone Disconnected from the Hip Bone..."

I still remember as though it were¬†yesterday…Like a camp of rogue militants being tracked, the secluded site was interrupted suddenly by an unidentified chopper closing in. 944 more words