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Shit-hot picker Greg Koch shows off the Robin Trower signature Strat

If you were big fan of guitar-based rock in the ’70s and your head wasn’t too far up your ass you probably listened to Robin Trower, the bluesy British picker who released a string of soulful albums heavy on the Hendrix that went gold on the charts and in my rock-lovin’ heart as well. 185 more words

Guitar Heroes

Busy busy busy!

I have practiced this week. Really I have. Just not as much as I would have liked.

I have been busy trying to sort a database out for… 512 more words


I have some pretty funky homework this week

I have been learning Fleetwood Mac’s Need Your Love so Bad, which is a great track and I enjoy playing it. This week I have come home with the chorus bit from the wonderful Eric Johnson’s Cliffs of Dover. 350 more words


We Love Straturdays

We love the weekends, especially when its comes to Straturday!

This week our top pick stratocaster is this beaut Standard Start HSS Plustop from Fender. It is on fire with its awesome Cherryburst top and Maple Neck. 64 more words

Electric Guitar

A year and a bit on

Still playing but it’s all changed a bit for us.

Firstly, Husband doesn’t play much now. Sure, he picks his guitar up now and again but he’s not really fussed about playing. 772 more words


Raconteur Da Blues - Strat Solo


Stereo Outs:



Rhythm Guitars:

Stratocaster Amp & Effects Chain:

Project Mojo

Strats and/or Teles.

I used to own a Fender American Standard Telecaster and a Fender American Standard Stratocaster. Why did I own both and which one did I sell? 979 more words

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