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Symptom of Childhood

It was supposed to be funny. A T-chart, headed with “Symptoms of ADHD” on one side and “Symptoms of Childhood” on the other, with identicalĀ items listed in each column. 3,210 more words

Family And Children


I finally am at the dose I’m supposed to be on. We started me out small and worked up to 80mg. Yesterday was the first day on the full dose. 83 more words


Major Cleaning Day!

I made my list…. sucking down some coffee…. starting up some tunes…. and this shit is getting done. One of my major stressors right now is just how messy and crazy this place got while I wasn’t doing well. 332 more words


Lazy Snow Day

Staying inside where it’s warm today. watching my neighbors kitkit, playing Minecraft and watching episodes of House. this cat is the most lovey little kitten ever šŸ’œ 62 more words

Finally back on Strattera

I didn’t think it would be in until the end of the week but when I went to get my other meds it was already there. 335 more words



Really don’t want to go outside today but I have to. It would be better if I drove, but I walk. Going to freeze my tits off… :0… 73 more words


What's been going on...

So what’s been going on during these past few months? What’s new? A lot, actually! And a lot of good things have come up recently, which is a welcome relief for us! 915 more words