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Strawberry Lemonade with Basil + Mint


3 cups lemon juice, freshly squeezed (about 8 lemons, give or take)

1 cup granulated sugar

2 cups strawberries, trimmed and halved

10 mint leaves… 122 more words

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Strawberry Lemonade//♥

Just because it’s summer and it’s hot and we all need something easy and refreshing to drink.


- 2 cups fresh strawberries
- 3/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, about 5 lemons . 105 more words


Becoming a Barber: Week 7

Hey Shavers,

Had to catch up on errands and laundry today. My last week of Phase 1 was busy; we covered 3 of the longest chapters in the… 295 more words


Summertime Birthday Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

I made lemon cupcakes and squeezed fresh lemon juice on top as soon as they got out of the oven. Then I made strawberry royal icing and covered them in it. 34 more words


Strawberry Lemonade Popsicles with Chia Seeds

Yummy! These delicious little treats make it easy to stay cool.  Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia is the secret ingredient in these, helping you stay hydrated and nourished.  Chia seeds by nature are hydrophilic (water loving) and can absorb about 10 times their weight in water. 131 more words


Mocktail: Strawberry Lemonade Spritzer

Are you looking for an alternative non-alcoholic beverage that isn’t soda? This refreshing strawberry lemonade spritzer is a perfect signature mocktail for a summer baby shower or sunday brunch. 87 more words

Happy Hour

What the hell why not -- Pão de Ló or, Portuguese Sponge Cake & Strawberry Lemonade

My friends all went to the beach on Monday and kindly invited me out on Sunday. I declined early because I was still at the Portuguese 4th of July party drinking wine like the world was ending. 2,326 more words