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Im like mixed up in the come up
Distant like I’ve had enough
Still writing like a minuet
Not even close to being done yet… 131 more words


Uno...You Know.

So, here goes the long, drawn-out, tediously pretentious first post in which tell you all about me, my likes, dislikes, blah blah blah…

Actually, no… 344 more words


Appetite for Distraction - Another Day.

He wakes up. A journalist rummaged through the luggage of dead people. It disgusts people even though it is what journalists do every day. A tacit agreement we have with them that we get to read what they write about tragedy as long as we don’t have to be complicit in how they discover that tragedy. 329 more words

Appetite For Distraction

Twenty Two July, Two Thousand and Fourteen

In Terminator (1984), Linda Hamilton’s character says something along the lines of “no fate but what we make.”  While I’m not referencing the apocalypse, I certainly consider it an appropriate quote in view of the soul-searching I continue to do regarding my present …and my future.


My beard trimmer is made by Conair. A brand and movie I can trust.

Today felt like one of those days that kept me constantly on the move. Utilising moves like Jagger I gathered no moss, rolling on to big box store after big box store. 672 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Tuesday rose.

Sustain the morning of your soul
In the deep blue shades of my afterglow

I will cease to exist
Will not be seen

Will not be heard… 96 more words


Why Churches and Crucifixes Just Don't Do It For Me

Tonight, I wanted to talk about religion, or as I like to call it, spirituality. I can say with warm and fuzzy certainty that over the years, my outlook on this once touchy subject is easy, relaxed, and centered. 569 more words

Stream Of Consciousness