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A Look Inside My Pregnant Head - A stream of consciousness

Hey everyone amazing news we actually closed on a house last week can you believe it we’re HOMEOWNERS

and not a moment too soon.

cuz immediately following getting our keys we went to the Oregon coast for the weekend to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and I can’t believe this year has gone by so freaking fast omg but the decision to go to the beach/coast was an amazing one because I am DYING IN THIS HEAT and we have to wait before we can get help to move into the new AIR CONDITIONED house which means this baby had better STAY PUT so I can labor in the house not only does it have AC, but it also has a soaking tub and a shower WITH SEATS it’s like it was made for pregnant ladies… 209 more words


The sirens blaze over her head, their shrill cries warning everyone that an inmate has somehow managed to escape. Swallowing her bubbling panic she ducks under the trees of the forest that surrounded the concrete building she had been confined in for as long as she can remember. 1,772 more words



Good morning, Brie. It’s Thursday.

This post is from a writing prompt that can be found here.

For your practice, share a time when you found yourself in unfamiliar territory and how you found your way back to center.   806 more words

Random Shit

Agent Strange

I once saw a man in black,

standing in the Hague,

opposite to City Hall,

peering up into the sky,

his shaved head gleaming in the sun, 50 more words


The Pre-Travel Ecstasy

I am sitting among a gigantic pile of clothes, not knowing what to do. And I have to leave for a flight to Czech Republic in 7 hours. 546 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

I Dare You to Disagree

I usually write down my blog ideas on my new fancy phone; you have to love a world where they make apps for note pads (not like I couldn’t have manually written it down). 562 more words

Stream Of Consciousness


Have you ever felt like you we’re watching yourself live your life? That you are an observer of your own life?

This is my life daily. 248 more words