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It’s funny-when I’m angry the first place I go to is the place I hated the most as a child. My elementary school. I don’t know what that says about me. 188 more words


A free writing, free mind, thoughts.

Do you ever wonder why you found me hiding inside my precious bubble. Why, when you discovered me i whispered, a soft cool sound that rose to your voice. 238 more words

Creative Writing

I Still Want My Knife

Note: This was written in a journal around April 2014. Just a bit of cheerful stream of consciousness to brighten up your day, the usual. (Warning: contains vulgarity) 292 more words

Self Harm, Suicide, Self-Loathing, And Other Cheerful Things Like That

Strands of Thought

Writing 101, 20 minutes of free writing

I’ve said before I think too much and I do. It’s really not good for me and has got me in all sorts of… 316 more words