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Amazon is building the retail world's most unbreachable "moat"—and it's called Prime

Amazon is a company that has divided investors for years. Its relentlessly fast-growing revenues typically translate into relatively diminutive profits because the company reinvests most of its enormous cash-flow into expanding its infrastructure and maintaining low prices—the idea being that at some point in the future, it can turn the profit screws on and reap enormous financial rewards. 431 more words

Blockbuster retreated to Mexico, and now Netflix plans to track it down and kill it there

Blockbuster may have shuttered most of its stores in the United States, but the video rental chain is still alive and kicking in Mexico. Perhaps not for long. 425 more words

All of the original series that Netflix is filming now (and where)

Netflix told shareholders (pdf) today that it will continue to ramp up its original programming. Here are all of its shows currently in development, according to the letter, and where they are filming: 305 more words

Netflix has topped 50 million streaming subscribers for the first time

Netflix surpassed 50 million subscribers to its streaming video service as the company kept up its torrid growth last quarter.

At the end of June, Netflix had 36.2 million streaming subscribers in the US (up 16% from the previous quarter) and 13.8 million in the rest of the world (up 9%). 111 more words

Comcast, AT&T Say They're Not Big Enough Yet

Two of the biggest players in the telecom industry faced off against a public interest group, a trade group and a satellite company at a Senate hearing Wednesday in a debate that will help set the stage for upcoming battles over the future of broadband, television and streaming video. 972 more words

Read Netflix's plea to ban paid "fast lanes" on the internet

Netflix ripped into Comcast, Verizon, and other internet providers in a lengthy document submitted to the US government today.

The key issue is whether internet providers should be able to charge content companies such as Netflix for a more direct route to customers. 2,100 more words

Streaming Video News: July 16, 2014

Netflix added two more Hindi movies to its streaming catalog, including last year’s terrific heist movie, Special 26. The film is full of great performances… 50 more words