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Tencent Becomes HBO's Exclusive Online Distributor In China

Tencent is now HBO’s exclusive online partner in China, the two companies announced today. That means Tencent (which, along with Alibaba and search giant Baidu, is one of China’s largest and most influential Internet companies) will be the only official provider of HBO content through… 551 more words


Why technology and content are inseparable at Netflix

Neil Hunt is the chief product officer at Netflix, and his job entails a lot more than it might sound like. The end product at Netflix is the video streaming through our iPads or smart televisions, but what we’re watching and we’re seeing it is result of a lot of work. 1,962 more words

Amazon plans new ad-supported video streaming service

”Amazon boss Jeff Bezos is primed and ready for a fresh assault on the streaming-video space,” Claire Atkinson reports for The New York Post. “The e-commerce giant will roll out a new ad-supported streaming offering early next year that will be separate from its $99-a-year Prime membership, which includes a video service, sources said.” 157 more words


Netflix's zeitgeisty holiday ad will make you awwww, then lol

It’s that time of year, when companies unveil their holiday marketing campaigns, and Netflix has an early contender for the season’s best ad.

The commercial seems to  107 more words

Netflix now accounts for 35% of bandwidth usage in the US and Canada

The latest report from the Canadian broadband networking company Sandvine reveals that Netflix is still the king of the American internet. The streaming video service is responsible for a staggering 35% of all bandwidth usage in North America—the next most, YouTube, accounts for only 14%. 99 more words

Netflix Still Dominates Streaming, but Amazon Is Picking Up Steam

Netflix is still king of the video streamers, followed by YouTube. But Amazon, which has lagged far behind for many years, is beginning to make a move. 296 more words


The problem with Netflix's overseas expansion

Netflix’s relentless march to world domination continues. The US-based streaming service finally confirmed plans overnight to launch in Australia and New Zealand next March.

As things stand, Netflix is basically live everywhere in the Americas (except for Cuba). 418 more words