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OBEY: The Art of Phenomenology

In 1989, Shepard Fairey, an undergraduate at RISD, was working in a skate shop in Providence. While there, he designed a sticker incorporating an illustration of wrestler Andre the Giant, first with the slogan “ANDRE THE GIANT HAS A POSSE 7′ 4″, 520 lb” and later transforming to a design featuring just his face and the bold tagline “OBEY.” The stickers experienced initial popularity among the skater subculture in Providence, but they were quickly posted all over urban centers of the East Coast and exposed to the general public.  2,815 more words


senekt and jun : northcote wip

Great WIP footage of Senekt and Jun by Preprint on Vine, yesterday in Northcote

Love Your Work

senekt and jun : northcote

A beautiful sunny day and these neon bright colours leap from the wall…They attract butterflies too, which just adds to the appeal. Senekt and Jun, Northcote.

Love Your Work