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What Criminal Justice Has Taught Me

Growing up, criminal justice was what pulled me. I knew it was the path I had to take. My passion may have stemmed from the glamour and allure of TV shows, books and movies, but as I began to study the real thing, I fell in love with it even more. 1,455 more words


Hong Kong: China’s dumping ground

Supporting deportees from China is not a financial and social burden that Hong Kong should accept.

Police Otherwise Occupied: Ending up just metres away from POlice Force HQ in Wanchai, China ejects its unwanted in HK. 1,301 more words

[Trip] France - Common Street Scams

Before we went to Paris, the boy was reading about the city on what to eat, what to see and what to expect. One thing he did read about was the common scam and street crime in Paris. 292 more words


Street Crimes – A Complete Study

Any criminal offense in a public place is termed as a Street Crime. Mobile Snatching, Pickpocketing and Illegal Drugs Trade are some examples of street crimes. 350 more words

Examples Of Street Crimes

Liberal Reportage

Explaining how the Pompous Flacks of the State Owned Media treat the news is difficult. Visual aids are always helpful; in this case, probably the only way. 16 more words

The Liberal Plantation

Guns and Freedom

Some people never learn. Others are just so racist they don’t care; it has to be running on the slogan kill them all, let God sort’em out. 852 more words