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Crime At A Glance.

Crime and deviance, how do they differ? Deviance, though has multiple definitions, is an act that is seen by individuals, groups, or society, to violate what is thought to be normal behavior or normal experiences, and accordingly is given a negative label. 494 more words

The Winning Ways

After a Captain of the State Patrol spoke and seemed to have calmed things down Ferguson had one night of quiet. Last night the looting started and the local police stayed back, leaving the locals to try to protect the stores. 292 more words

Welfare State

Street Crimes in Karachi–II (The illegal, weapons trade)

This is the second part of Street Crimes in Karachi which deals with the subject of free availability of weapons in Karachi. In the last part I wrote about the various types of Street Crimes. 1,069 more words

My Ramble

Street Crimes in Karachi - I

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In the last two weeks, two men I knew, have lost their lives at hands of merciless muggers, in the “City of Lights” aka Karachi, . 965 more words