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After finishing a two-week internship with a relatively new and upcoming sportswear company, ‘Lexie Sport’, my decision to focus my final year at university on sportswear was confirmed. 158 more words

The New Science Revolution!

I’m a science student at university and I love learning everything there is to know about Earth and all the things on it and around it. 237 more words


“Freedom isn’t free

It costs folks like you and me

And if we don’t all chip in

We’ll never pay that bill

Freedom isn’t free… 212 more words


What exactly is Street Culture? It’s just that, a cult. It’s a following, a movement, a lifestyle. 270 more words


Levi's maxes out the hipster scale

This has got to be the most hipster thing ever. It’s of course not, but it is over the top hipster. It fits well with the brand and it makes sense – but for someone working in advertising it just seems like they took it too far. 25 more words


By The Level meets Jack Toledo of KR3W

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of previewing the latest offering from California’s KR3W as well as a chance to meet one of the guys behind it, KR3W’s design director – Jack Toledo. 1,345 more words

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