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What's Up Hong Kong? Screen and Run!

The Russian crew called ‘On The Roofs‘ hit Hong Kong town, and they showed how street art or guerrilla art is evolving at the moment. 63 more words

Street Art

Not Yet? Check Street Art Project by Google Cultural Institute, Now.

“Street Art Project: Explore an ongoing collection of art from the streets.”

This posting is likely belated a bit, but if you didn’t check it yet, do it now.

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Street Art

Pop Up Pot Luck: Community Building on the Cheap

Katie and Dave were new to the neighborhood and wanted to organize a fast, inexpensive, and effective event where they could get to know as many people on their block as possible. 596 more words

Strong Towns

Grabs Magazine Publishes Street Photos by e-Readers.

It is the first part of street photographs that are taken by one of readers of our online zine. Thank to the anonymous reader, we can catch other street artworks done on the wall and even on an abandoned bus that we missed photographing. 65 more words

Street Art

Sarajevo—Street Signs

Sarajevo’s long and storied history is reflected not only in its architecture, but in what covers the buildings. Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Communist buildings testify to the Balkan’s layered past, but what unites these buildings more often than not are the pock marks from the war in the 90s now covered in recent graffiti.  60 more words