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When Negative is Positive

Almost everyone likes a happy ending: from infants who hear that their pet dog’s sore leg is better, to juveniles solving ‘The Mystery of the Haunted House’ to girl and boy problems between teenagers and so it goes up the line. 420 more words

What is Molly? How the party drug works and why it's risky

WATCH ABOVE: Global News learns how kids are getting drugs through social media.

TORONTO – A Vancouver teen who says she suffered vomiting, a seizure and a 46-hour coma after taking a pill called “Molly” … 943 more words


'Dirty Sprite' growing trend among teens can be deadly

‘Dirty Sprite’ growing trend among teens can be deadly 

Dirty Sprite is also called Purple Drank. It is a slang term for a mixture  made from high doses of  prescription-strength cough syrup. 12 more words


Alarm sounded after 2 Saskatoon deaths linked to fake Oxycontin

Watch above: Fake Oxycontin kills two Saskatoon residents, prompts police warning

SASKATOON – Samuel Shindelka is dealing with the death of two of his friends in Saskatoon and describes the past week as tragic. 346 more words