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You can’t miss this bus!

Whether it’s great office, home or street furniture, the best design examples engage and interact with people. They provide a positive experience through site, texture, movement and conversation. 130 more words


Unveiling 'Park'

Share a meal outdoors with friends or family. The Park range has undergone a modern transformation, with a focus on inclusive design. Park is now DDA-compliant, offering two wheelchair-accessible configurations. 76 more words


In praise of.........cyclepaths

For pedestrians, commuters (the human powered type), cyclists, runners, cyclists that run and runners that cycle (I am the former, but once was the latter), as this image conclusively proves, the Taff Trail is a pathway to heaven. 18 more words


Bin Animation

I decided to do an animation of my illuminative dustbin design. I thought that it would be easier for people to understand my design concept if they could see a revolving image of the bin and how the lid is easily removed.


Shaping Public Domain:: Public Domain Project

HDIA+EBSD Year 2 l Research Project

Projct Supervisor: Sami Hasan, Research Part: Dr. Poon

Students in this project brought there enquiries and problem solving practice to community and urban issues.

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London: a cycling city

I wrote about the challenges facing cycling in London for The London Magazine

Every time I hear that another cyclist has been killed on one of London’s many lethal junctions, I pray to a god I don’t believe in that it isn’t one of my friends. 488 more words


Are you my mummy?

Increasingly, we find the street furniture has a face… Even the bins, or especially the bins. Do we even have to humanise our trash?