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The most outrageous 24 hour period of my life

I’ve never been good at keeping my mouth closed and saying things I shouldn’t, so here it is, one of the most outrageous and entertaining days of my life without sparing any details or dignity. 1,648 more words


Roots of street harassment

During my stay in New York I experienced exactly the same as in this video. It’s uncomfortable, intimidated and sometimes even scary. Anti-street harassment organization… 491 more words


“Hey, little girl. The street gangs of Chicago can’t take me, bitch!”

when they’re written out, those words have no significance…they even seem a bit humorous, especially considering I immediately thought, ‘I seriously doubt it.’ But for some reason those words stripped me clean of dignity and peace of mind. 85 more words

Encounters With Men

There is more to sexism than catcalling

Early last week, one of those ‘social experiment’ videos went viral and started appearing all over my Facebook newsfeed. It shows a woman silently walking through the streets of NYC… 644 more words


When Does Hello Become Harassment?

So by now we have all seen the article and the video that’s gone viral of the woman walking around New York for 10 hours trying to increase awareness and prove a point about street sexual harassment. 861 more words

Reclaim the Night Southampton!

We’ve been busy working with other local groups organising a Reclaim the Night March in Southampton. Marching against gender-based violence and sexual harassment the event will be in Southampton this Saturday the 29th November. 79 more words


Nov 22nd- "Hey Blondie"

1) What I was doing: walking from the farmer’s market

2) What I was wearing: jeans, sneakers, knee-length puffy-ish winter coat, fleece Under Armour hat, sunglasses, no makeup… 60 more words

Street Harassment