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Street Harassment

I recently read an article about this site Cards Against Harassment (neat little play off the game) which can be found here, about this woman who is both addressing and recording street harassment that happens to her. 130 more words

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Twin Cities woman records catcalls, calls out harassers

A Minneapolis woman is turning the tables a bit on catcalling men she encounters on Twin Cities streets, by secretly recording them as she confronts them about their behavior, according to  319 more words


Street Harassment: Addendum

As an addendum to my recent post in which I ramble incoherently about street harassment, some more incoherent ramblings from a Facebook comment that once again ran away with me and got out of control: 926 more words


A letter to street harassers

Dear Man on the Street,

While I was going for a run today, you yelled at me like I was your pet. Well, I’m not. I can confidently say that I am not running for you, but I could only wish to say that in that instant, I was not running from you. 174 more words

That Was NOT a Compliment.

8:45 AM on the 6 Train headed downtown:

A male panhandler boards the subway car at 33rd St, visibly irritated and aggressively pleading for money. From the moment he stepped on the train, my defenses went up and I quickly scanned the facial expressions of other passengers in search of confirmation that I wasn’t the only one who thought this might get out of hand. 362 more words

Feminism, Man.

TL;DR – I’m talking about feminism, and I hope you’ll read it and appreciate my thoughts.

I think I have always been a feminist, even in the days before I really knew what that meant. 709 more words

To the lonely girls on the poorly lit roads

Last week, I got out of a cab after a late night, with two short blocks between my apartment and me. It being dark but for the street lamps, I made out two male figures standing together at the upcoming intersection. 559 more words