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Gender Focus | I Don’t Like Catcalls. Why Do You Care?

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In a piece for the always classy New York Post, Doree Lewak wants all of us to know that “Hey Ladies – Catcalls are Flattering! 107 more words


  Yes it hurts. It kills you inside. It makes you stare at your own self. It just rips your confidence apart. You look back a million times when you walk down a lonely road. 511 more words

Sri Lanka

15 Men Talk About Why They Catcall Women


“I’ve never done this and I’ve never seen one of my friends do it. It’s gross.”


I don’t do it when I’m alone, but when I’m with a group of guys I feel pressured to do it. 272 more words

Catcalls Aren't Compliments

It took me about three-quarters of Doree Lewak’s New York Post article before I realized that it wasn’t a satire. At first it really seemed like an Onion-style satire. 924 more words

Communication Complications

Not a compliment:
“Hey baby, wanna fuck? Oh, you’re walking/sitting/standing/breathing/jogging/living/reading? You’re begging to be harassed.”

Unintended Compliment:
“You’re a cunt.” Strong AND flexible.

Not a compliment: 104 more words

No, Doree Lewak. Just No.


It was about 2:30 in the morning on a Wednesday and I was covering a shift at my local bar.  My customer’s glasses were all filled so I decided to take a quick walk across the street to read the handwritten sign left on the front door of my (now-shuttered) favorite coffee shop.  1,374 more words

|We The (Vagina) People Of The United States|

Doree Lewak, you sound confused.

Today, a woman told every other woman to just deal with street harassment because it’s flattering. Her name is Doree Lewak, and you can find her piece  687 more words