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how to walk to your car at night

roll hips

drop shoulders

head low

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the lioness does not wear headphones to silence the taunts of hyenas

she flicks her ear… 8 more words

Street Harassment Has to Stop or Make It

I just read an article about a Filipina traveler who got sexually harassed on the street while traveling in a foreign country I’d rather not mention. 136 more words

Filipino Martial Arts

"You Black B*tches": A Street Harassment Story

Black Men and Women need each other now more than ever. The purpose of this video is not to generalize or demonize a specific race of men but rather to give and receive understanding through opening up a conversation. 46 more words


Voices of Women Silenced By Internet Trolls

As common users of the internet know well, every once in a while there is a picture, gif or video that shakes up the online world. 976 more words


From 12-10-14

A college-aged female told me that she was harassed on the street by high school boys and that she didn’t feel safe.

To make matters worse, she told me that once she was walking down the street to go out to dinner with her friends, and she thought that she looked nice–but after several men honked at her from their cars and yelled crude remarks, she stopped feeling pretty and started feeling like she “looked like a slut.” 7 more words

Our Discomfort in Public Space Warrants Your Concern Whether or Not We Are Your Daughters

I have been taught to be fearful of men who pass me on the street since childhood – not weary, fearful.

The warnings begin with, “don’t talk to strangers.” Once we enter adolescence, it shifts to, “Don’t walk home alone” because you’ll get kidnapped and raped. 724 more words


I'm Not the Only One: Why Do We Feel Embarrassed When Someone Harasses Us in Public?

It should be comforting knowing I’m not the only one, but this isn’t like finding out all my friends secretly like reruns of some corny show. 618 more words

Bystander Street Harassment