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Urban symbolic violence

“Street harassment”. I like the term used in this article. It also includes the above video on gender harassment in the street. They did a kind of social experiment with a hidden camera to show how many times in a day a woman can get harassed. 259 more words

Observation And Ethnography

CAT Convos Episode One: Emily May of Hollaback!


Attention all! The first episode of CAT Convos CATiD is here!! Truthfully, it’s been here for a while but I’m only sharing it now because I finally have the Internets in my new home (aka I’ve returned to the real world). 255 more words


How do we keep our heads held high?

Women often walk down their street with their head down, avoiding eye contact with anyone. Here are my thoughts on why this is.

A few days ago, I was yelled at by someone I considered a friend. 793 more words


Laverne Cox, I F-ing Love You!

This woman is just absolutely amazing to me. She is truly beautiful on the inside AND the outside; and I am completely staining for her. I’m so glad that she is using her success and her voice to advocate for people who aren’t in a position to advocate for themselves. 31 more words


If You're Not a Feminist, You're Just An A-Hole: The Epidemic of Catcalling

When my girlfriend and I parked the car, some guys across the way made kissing sounds at her as I checked the meter out of earshot. 2,776 more words


peanut butter

I appreciate the smooth way

you follow me through the store

at just the right distance

(for you, anyway);

I came here, actually, because… 44 more words


Incident at Columbia Mall

One day I was at the Columbia Mall Starbucks, before it was renovated, and was sitting in one of the green velvet chairs. I am a covered Sunni Muslim. 121 more words

Street Harassment