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Incident at Columbia Mall

One day I was at the Columbia Mall Starbucks, before it was renovated, and was sitting in one of the green velvet chairs. I am a covered Sunni Muslim. 121 more words

Street Harassment

Shut it down: Catcalling

This is going to be a quick one, y’all. I saw this infographic (image below) on Feministing today and it disturbed me, to say the least. 218 more words


Standing Up For Your Sisters

To me, standing up for your fellow sisters in situations of harassment is a big deal. It can be scary because you don’t know how the harasser will react. 636 more words


Cat Fight: women in NYU and NYC speak out against street harassment

This article was originally published on May 11, 2014 as a final project for a class assignment.

Sirkka Miller wore a floral dress on April 27, 2014. 1,855 more words


Gender Focus | I Don’t Like Catcalls. Why Do You Care?

via Gender Focus:

In a piece for the always classy New York Post, Doree Lewak wants all of us to know that “Hey Ladies – Catcalls are Flattering! 107 more words


  Yes it hurts. It kills you inside. It makes you stare at your own self. It just rips your confidence apart. You look back a million times when you walk down a lonely road. 511 more words

Sri Lanka

15 Men Talk About Why They Catcall Women


“I’ve never done this and I’ve never seen one of my friends do it. It’s gross.”


I don’t do it when I’m alone, but when I’m with a group of guys I feel pressured to do it. 272 more words