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Street Harassment Segment: The Daily Show

Jon Stewart Tears Into Sexism’ Going on in the Senate 9/2/14.
It’s universal–Black men we do not owe you a smile, we don’t feel complimented when you applaud–we are trying to get from point A to point B to accomplish tasks. 29 more words

Street Harassment

An Experiment in Catcalling

I’ve always thought walking down the street should be a peaceful affair. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why I was so angry at all the “attention” I was getting outside. 835 more words


Yo girl come here

Okay so this is weird for me. I still haven’t gotten used to getting hit on by random guys, not to mention the fact that it was broad daylight today and I thought the guy was calling my friend’s name. 404 more words

"Hey Gorgeous": What It's Like to Walk The Streets Today By Yaasmeen Piper

I’m walking down the street on a bright August day when a car horn beeps beside me.

“Hey gorgeous!” a man calls. His deep voice sends chills through my body. 617 more words


Say what?! I've been here for a little over THREE WEEKS!

Things I appreciate:

  • The diversity of people and sources of cultural influence. I’m not an expert on Panamanian history yet (I hope to learn more about the complex history during my stay here), but there is a lot of influence from the US, Colombia, Central America, and Haiti/the Caribbean.
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how where we live changes who we are

“I don’t know why I did that–I hate doing that Yankee accent,” a southern coworker of mine said after imitating a New Yorker. “New Yorkers are the only people who leave a place and then never stop telling you how much better it is than everywhere else.” 460 more words

Sexual Assault on Public Transport

Sexual assault on public transportation is a prominent issue, despite evidence to suggest that the majority of instances are not reported. Recently two South American countries have been in the news on this issue. 268 more words