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Gender Bender

Winter is here (no shit, Sherlock) and a lot of people are seen in hoodies. Because they’re cool stuff.

Here’s a picture of me in a hoodie. 201 more words

A boring story we have all heard before.

A male passenger in a white van stuck his head out of the window and yelled. At me. I was walking down the street, nearly home after a long day at work when they drove by. 942 more words


Street Harassment: A Male Perspective

We’ve used this space before to discuss street harassment and feeling threatened while on the run. Now, guest blogger Chris Willis speaks up as a male runner and ally. 836 more words


"What If It's a Compliment?"

People who say, “What if it’s a compliment?” in regards to catcalling are FULL OF SHIT because they have no idea how many are STRAIGHT UP INSULTS. 447 more words

Cat Calling

Is there ever really a reason for you to chat up a woman on the street?

I’ve actually been mulling over this street harassment thing for a while. I would hope that I’m more mature, and a little more grey haired in spirit (never in actuality), than I was when I wrote about it last. 595 more words