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Think Being a Woman in NYC is Hard? Try Being A Comedian!

As filmmaking technology and online content outlets continue to make attracting viewership more competitive, quickness tends to supersede quality. A recent example of this compromise premiered on… 657 more words


Street Harassment: Women are not being paranoid

“Ay shorty, what’s your name?  I know you hear me!”

“Damn, girl! You got a fat ass!” *licks lips*

“You got a man? You wanna be friends?” 1,181 more words

Is this really verbal street harassment?

If you haven’t heard of it there has been a release of this YouTube video called “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman”. The video was originally uploaded by the user “Street HarassmentVideo”. 285 more words

Street Harassment - It's not a compliment.

Anyone reading this blog post will I’m sure be familiar with the viral video of the actress Shoshana Roberts being harassed over the course of 10 hours just walking around Manhattan minding her own business. 814 more words


Street Harassment Isn't Something to be "Thankful" For

More and more videos depicting the kind of harassment women are subjected to on a daily basis are appearing on the interweebz, and this one is by far one of the best. 415 more words

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News you can relate to

Some news stories that caught our eye this week:

Everybody’s talking about Hollaback’s video of what it’s like for a woman to walk down the street in New York City. 108 more words


Street harassment, and the logic behind the Burqa

There are more posts about street harassment these days then there are stars in the sky, so I don’t often say anything myself. However, one author who has written repeatedly about the article stands out. 616 more words