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Cat Calling is Sexual Harrassment

Women are sometimes scolded for not responding positively to cat calls on the street. Often times it is said that when women are being cat called they’re being “complimented,” when in reality, these women are being reduced to sexual objects. 267 more words

Why Your View On Catcalling Is Skewed (And You Don't Even Realize It)

One of my brothers was the first to alert me about the now famous video of a woman walking and being catcalled for 10 hours. Almost every (unsheltered) woman alive finds this behavior unsurprising. 1,462 more words

Hey Pretty: The Impact of Street Harassment

MY GREASY HAIR is slicked back by a shiny black headband and pulled into a ponytail. No makeup, just a giant pair of dark sunnies to obscure that fact, and the sickly sheen of high SPF sunscreen. 496 more words

Street Harassment or Public Flirtation? How do we define it?

“God Bless you darling”

“Have a good day dimples.”

Those are the two I’ve heard addressed towards me this week and I thanked them both politely and went about my day. 948 more words

Black Women

(Reprise) Smell Ya Later, New York: Street Harassment

Ladies: when someone tells you that street harassment is actually a compliment, they are telling you to shut up. Never shut up.

Originally posted on a blog from yesteryear, I unearthed a beauty of a post on a subject that is receiving a lot of responses lately thanks to the video above. 1,696 more words

Street Harrassment

I’ve been thinking about this video on street harrassment over the last few days. It’s gone viral, and is all over my Facebook feed.
I want to address some of the comments that I’ve read or heard from response pieces, friends, and friends of friends. 414 more words