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“Loneliness is the great pain of the street people”

- Jody Williams –

This is Bill

Bill is not a bad guy.

He is not a womanizer, a gambler or even a drinker. 314 more words



As I entered the grocery store, wrapped in my thoughts, I heard a voice, shaky with age.

“Can you help a brother out?”

I had seen him as I walked past,  a black man of about my dad’s age  – mid-70s maybe –  his face weathered and grizzled with gray beard, his clothes ragged. 907 more words

Bird's Eye View

Should you help homeless people? Why or Why not?

I think for me it depends because some are faking it & some are real. I would help those that are real, whatever I have on that day. 33 more words


sliced white and a pap sak

There’s a street person called Colin who, if you have ever lived in Observatory, will know. I saw him yesterday and although he didn’t look in the prime of life,  I was astonished to see that he is still alive. 132 more words


Page 10 – rewrite

The crowd grows. Perhaps a dozen people have drifted closer, including a handful of taxi drivers. A pair of college students appeal to the woman. Bob wants to tell them no too, but one of them digs around in a pencil case and pulls out a small bill. 566 more words


Waiting for a Handout - Monochrome Madness Challenge - Week 19

As I continue working on my Street Photography, I become more and more amazed at the textures (and people) I find as I walk around the streets here in San Francisco.   222 more words