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Far from home?

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I was up in central London one day, a number of years ago now, when a girl came up and asked me to give her some money because she was hungry. 565 more words

Life, Death & Smaller Stuff

Friend of the Week: The Humboldt Edge Street Newspaper

Check out the latest edition right here and be sure to read the front page article “Showers are Health Care”

About the Humboldt Edge: The Humboldt Edge honors and invites the wisdom, knowledge and creative expression of people living on the street, experiencing homelessness and/or living on the edge economically. 64 more words


Another street scene

I was walking on a major street in the city when I noticed two thirty-somethings talking to a ragged street-person, who was holding a cardboard sign.  53 more words


The Outsider

One summer day I was strolling around Granville Island in Vancouver with all the other visitors. I was studying the storefronts, minding my own business, when I heard a voice. 924 more words


Street Walking

Dennis, Alex and I took to the streets yesterday with our trade-mark trolley of give-aways, and passed the time it takes to walk from the Mission to the Shelter for the Homeless, engaged in earnest conversation. 596 more words


“Loneliness is the great pain of the street people”

- Jody Williams –

This is Bill

Bill is not a bad guy.

He is not a womanizer, a gambler or even a drinker. 314 more words



As I entered the grocery store, wrapped in my thoughts, I heard a voice, shaky with age.

“Can you help a brother out?”

I had seen him as I walked past,  a black man of about my dad’s age  – mid-70s maybe –  his face weathered and grizzled with gray beard, his clothes ragged. 907 more words

Bird's Eye View