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When Downtown..

Right now I’m downtown of the modern city in Germany where we live, listening to a street performer play the symphony renditions of the Phantom of the Opera on his synthesizer. 367 more words

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Madrid, Spain

Street performer in Madrid, Spain

While actual trees are less-than-numerous in Madrid, street-performers are on every corner–and sometimes, they dress up like trees! Unlike many countries where the vast majority of those on the street sit on the corner with a pitiful sign that begs for money, the majority of the buskers in Madrid and other Spanish cities sell (knockoff) products, create a performance, play music, or merely dress up in insane costumes for tourist photo-ops. 105 more words



last night the Giants won the World Series and San Francisco got a little weird. while i did see quite a bit of stupid and dangerous, i saw far more happy smiles, singing in the streets, high-fives, fist bumps, and champagne showers. 34 more words

[human] Behavior


2007, Breakdancer

Hey look, it’s someone doing something wacky! The “silly” photograph is kind of a cliche genre that is more at home as Facebook click-bait or a mall-kiosk wall calendar ( 204 more words


Finding the Fun in the Setting Sun

“One morning you wake up in Yuma, Arizona in this thing called a motorhome. The phone rings it’s a receptionist, she’s calling to confirm your appointment with the plastic surgeon.” 634 more words