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Street Qt: Ivy League Besties in Matching Outfits

Wearing matching outfits from head to toe, the pair walked into the coffee shop and sat opposite one another, toe-to-toe. A fascinating and striking scene on the college campus. 67 more words


Glitter Shoes

Como dicen los gurús de la moda, “No hay que tirar nada, porque todo vuelve” y nosotras volvemos a Kansas como Dorothy en la mítica escena del clásico Mago de Oz cuando Judy Garland se calza esos maravillosos zapatos rojos, nosotras nos calzaremos los glitter shoes en sus diferentes modalidades… 114 more words

Taylor Swift fashion

Ok so I’ve never been a really big fan of Taylor Swift, like I listen to her music but I’m not fan crazy.

But I’m not gonna lie, in the last year, her fashion style became one of my favorite, I mean she’s got such a unique look which is modern/vintage at the same time, and she rocks the midi skirt ( probably because she’s 10ft tall). 17 more words


Cafe to 'Catwalk'.

Today’s model was spotted standing in the queue at my usual cafe.

St Andrews, 2015 72 more words


In the middle of the street

As I started writing this post, I got nostalgic over the sunny day that we had when we shot these pictures, but by the time I put my ideas together, the sun was shining bright. 456 more words


Lessons In Layering

Hi Everyone!

We have officially arrived at that crucial point in the winter season where heavy coats and boots are no longer fun or a novelty to wear, and layering is no longer a fashion statement but a necessity for survival. 529 more words


Style| Simply Chic

Lion Bracelet: Bought @ a festival in Atlanta

letter jacket w/ studs: Amios (Boutique in Miami)

Sweater Dress: Lab works

Tie up booties

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