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Feedback on Magnolia Avenue Streetscape Plan

Hello Dawn,

Thanks for the note.

Also great to see you in action last night.

The slide sharing site I mentioned is called “slideshare.net.”

When I used to build web sites for a living, one of my favorite features was that you can take a powerpoint slide deck, upload it to the site, and then get some code to insert into your Web page to provide an interactive presentation. 732 more words

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Ugly, loud and dangerous: Streetcars a symbol of everything wrong with Toronto


VANCOUVER — Even in the age of Rob Ford, I can find no greater symbol of everything wrong with Toronto than its streetcars.

Toronto’s streetcars are ugly, loud, their tracks claim an annual tithe of crashed cyclists and motorcyclists and they certainly aren’t environmentally friendly: By dramatically slowing down traffic and increasing the idle time of downtown traffic, streetcars indirectly pipe tonnes of extra pollution into the Toronto air. 284 more words

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Streetcars are not the problem, too much automobile traffic is


Toronto’s streetcars form part of our fabric. They lend glamour to our flat, modern, grid-based city. Naming Toronto No. 1 on its list of Top 10 trolley rides, … 646 more words

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Graphic: Toronto's streetcar blues

The horse-drawn streetcar arrived in Toronto in 1861. Today the city has 11 streetcar lines on 82 kilometres of track. Unfortunately, the average speed, 17 km/h, has not much improved in 153 years. 7 more words


Streetcars nothing but outdated technology kept alive by political forces

The Nati0nal Post concludes its weeklong series on Toronto’s sluggish and overcrowded streetcars.


If you want to know the trouble with Toronto Transit’s streetcars, here it is in a nutshell from the Brooklyn Historic Railway Association’s… 745 more words

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Streetcarnage: ‘Nothing’s off the table’ in fixing streetcar service, new TTC Chief Service Officer says

Rick Leary stands in a crowd of 50 TTC passengers checking their watches and phones, waiting for a late Queen streetcar during rush hour.

But Mr. 628 more words

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TTC not checking POP fares on Queen streetcar line

TORONTO – TTC officials say “resource issues” have prevented transit officers from checking whether streetcar riders have paid their fare over the last couple of years. 263 more words