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Child...lost at sea

If you’re a mom, and even if you have pets that are dear to you, you know. You undoubtedly know the feeling of turning your back for just one minute, and the next thing you know is that your little sprout is gone. 325 more words

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More Streetpassing

I got done at 8:10 so I walked over to the mall to get tagged again by other Nintendo 3DS users. I went up to McDonalds and got none and I dropped by at Gamestop and then I headed to Barnes & Noble and got four tags. 203 more words

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More Streetpassing

I just discovered three places at the mall have a Nintendo Zone so that means when I go back there next time, walk to the other two places to get tagged. 508 more words

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Having Streetpass Travelers in Tomodachi Life

When you activate Streetpass, you will have access to get the Campgrounds. All you have to do is Streetpass someone with a traveler waiting at the Port. 513 more words


My Must Bring Item for Disney Parks!

So many times I see people ask about what they should bring to Disney Parks.  Now, obviously bottled water and sunscreen are on the list, but the thing I can’t stand to go without is my 3DS. 433 more words

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Monster Manor And The Potential of StreetPass

Geek events like Otakon are bound to be nests of 3DS StreetPass. In places that don’t have Japan’s population density they are often the only chance to really get into Nintendo’s StreetPass minigames. 540 more words


Tomodachi Life: A First Look

Haven’t blogged in a while, been super ill so thought i’d do another game review to make up for it!

After completing Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds, I needed something else to keep me amused so when I heard about Tomodachi Life I thought I’d get it! 626 more words