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Best Places To Collect StreetPasses on your 3DS

One of the problems with the Nintendo 3DS is more a societal flaw really than anything and its the trouble of finding other 3DS owners who bring their systems around in order to collect the oft desired StreetPass. 448 more words

FBG StreetPass MiitUp

Finally and official, first FBG StreetPass MiitUp. If you live or will be in San Diego around 4/20, grab your 3DS and go steal some StreetPasses! 8 more words


Support Your Local StreetPass



Thanks to Microsoft Update, a “routine” update from Microsoft crashed my PC to an infinite reboot loop. There are several users who experienced the same or similar problems and unfortunately there was no fix to it becuase it would NOT let you access safe mode or restore from a previous point. 427 more words

San Diego

SM Bicutan StreetPass Meet at Hoagies, March 2, 2014

This is a regular meet up of the SM Bicutan Nintendo StreetPass group at Hoagies. Thanks to Martin, for inviting me in regardless of me not owning a 3DS and welcoming we to the group. 89 more words

Pentax K100-D Super

Game Review: Bravely Default

Here’s a game that came out really late last year in Europe and Australia but only just hit the United States last month. It’s a pretty damn long one and I only recently finished it. 2,281 more words


My Favourite Nintendo 3DS Feature: StreetPass

Using StreetPass is one of my personal requirements for using the Nintendo 3DS. It’s a simple feature based around simply carrying your 3DS, and encountering people doing the same. 48 more words

"I Luv SPLI" Poetry Winners

StreetPass Long Island recently concluded the “I Luv SPLI” Poetry Contest for Valentine’s Day.  All winners will receive a Shiny Luvdisc holding an Ability Capsule.  Now we are proud to present the top winning poems! 234 more words

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