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Italy Part 1: Venice

It’s been quite awhile since I have taken time to sit down and write on this little space. Life has been pretty exciting lately and I’ve spent a lot of time tired, reading, traveling or spending time with people and food, but without my camera or inspiration to put things into words. 862 more words

Lipstick traces 009

Lipstick traces, rue de la Tombe-Issoire – 24 April 2014


It was fab being back home for Easter; only when one moves away from home, they realise how beautiful their hometown is. My home is in Oxfordshire. 201 more words

Chamber of Skilled Crafts in Poznań

Chamber of Skilled Crafts in Poznań – Izba Rzemieślnicza in Poznań. Enjoy.


9L 10 2I - Telephone Texts No.2

’9L 10 2I’ Paul Conneally 2014
GPS 52.76837, -1.19761

9L 10 2I is number two in the Telegraph Texts series by Paul Conneally.

Wooden telegraph poles once lined all Britain’s streets but are now slowly disappearing, replaced by underground cable systems. 45 more words

Yangon's highlights

Yangon (or Rangoon) is the biggest city in Myanmar and commercially most important. Logically this would be the capital of Myanmar, however since March 2006 it isn’t anymore as that status was moved to newly built Naypyidaw, a smaller city further up north. 1,595 more words