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The Streetwise Professional

Beautiful Thursday morning; I had dressed the Part my tasks for the day were going as planned on schedule, I was even beating deadline (great!). It was 11:45am and I was still about 1hr away from the venue… I found myself suddenly not acting the Part anymore; 883 more words


Achilles Blog 38 - 27.7.14. A boogie at Minnis Bay

Gammy leg meant I was delegated to ‘light duties’ on the Holiday Club catering team with (lovely, unflappable) Rachel A. Mistake. I didn’t get a B in Cookery for nothing…and my drink serving skills will hopefully not be put to use again….although I think my egg mayo mini bagels made a significant impact on the church’s coffers….. 228 more words

Easy to Catch: A Cold or Being Disillusioned ?

Here we are transitioning from summer to fall. What comes with weather changes? It’s the possibility of catching a virus like a cold, or the flu, or even ebola! 237 more words


84-A-Thon Entry: Streetwise (1984, Bell)

In 1983 Life magazine featured an article called “Streets of the Lost”, written by Cheryl McCall with accompanying photographs by Mary Ellen Mark. The topic was the homeless and/or downtrodden teens of Seattle, kids who form their own loose civilization on the streets, surviving through prostitution, pimping, stealing, dumpster diving, donating blood; whatever it takes. 678 more words

Film Review

Personal safety after dark

I try to write this post every single time I go to London to see comedy because it’s usually on my own and it usually requires me to go out and about on my own after dark. 1,511 more words


StreetWise 72-0028-2 Wireless Installation 105 dB Mini Window Alarm, 2-Pack

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