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A to Z Challenge Day 3: Castiel (the Monster-Fighting Angel)

Most of my favorite TV shows are older ones…shows that I watched as a kid, or shows that have been around for ages but I didn’t discover them until more recently. 457 more words

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Hustle and Fetch1

Bodies collided, hands hurried to help the other undress. The dying sunlight poured through the horizontal shades. Tangled together the couple crashed into a filing cabinet next to the door partially blocking it. 1,969 more words


Cash From Candles?

Web based businesses and opportunities are extremely popular these days, but some people are looking for something more real-world based – something involving good old fashioned products they can make and sell. 98 more words

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Streetwise Property Alert 28th March 2014

any of you are interested in buying off-plan property overseas. Here, to end the week, are some words of advice from Peter Esders…

Research the development, the surrounding areas and the town itself. 968 more words

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The Evasive Alarm Clock

Sometimes you have to think beyond the obvious if you operate in a crowded market, or have a ‘me too’ product with no unique selling position. 125 more words

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Streetwise Property Alert 27th March 2014

Welcome to today’s email…

Licences – More News

We don’t know how long it will take but we are pretty sure that the BTL/HMO licence issue is going to run and run, with more and more councils setting up schemes. 886 more words

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Praying To Lose Weight

I recently read about a church in Los Angeles (where else) which is offering weight loss advice and support to it’s attendees alongside spiritual guidance. I’d imagine the rationale behind this is that converts are difficult to come by, and anything that  gets people through the door has to be a good thing. 77 more words

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