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Apparently, the bank lobby has not heard of "the Barbra Streisand effect"

Want to keep some news from getting out? It’s probably best not to call more attention to it, by, say, launching an advertising blitz around it. 566 more words

The Streisand Effect - Natural Anti-Censorship

The Streisand Effect is a peculiar phenomenon born from a reaction to the suppression of information, usually with help from the Internet. The term had a rather innocuous origin: it was coined after actress and singer Barbara Streisand filed a lawsuit in an attempt to have a photograph of her Malibu home removed from a website that documented coastal erosion in the state of California. 469 more words

Hotel's $500 threat to brides backfires in latest dust-up over Yelp reviews

A swanky hotel in upstate New York offered a textbook example of how not to manage social media — threatening to fine brides and grooms for negative Yelp(s yelp) reviews — at a time when small businesses are challenging the power, and occasional abuse, of online customer reviews. 303 more words

Social Media

How to Ruin a Business in One Easy Step

Justice is Swift

As my friends will tell you, there is little I love more than massive quantities of justice being delivered by the titanium coated cinder block like hands of fate, directly into the face of some hapless fool.   479 more words


Science-Based Medicine Blog Sued: Another attempt to use the law to squelch criticism

Many of you are aware that I’m a contributor to the Science-Based Medicine blog. Today the founder and executive editor of SBM, Steven Novella, has announced that he and the SBM blog are being sued for writing about… 515 more words


Streisandfreude: how the right to be forgotten may become an excuse to be remembered

The past fortnight saw the first ripples of reaction to the European Court of Justice’s assertion of a citizen’s ‘right to be forgotten’ online. Following the court’s ruling, Google began the implementation of a process whereby… 877 more words