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Red Light. Yellow Light. Green Light.

Planning and building is important.  It is important for a lot of reasons, but here we will think about it in terms of the longevity of your training life.   509 more words


worry empties the day

Worrying is carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength- carrying two days at once. It is moving into tomorrow ahead of time. Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength… 88 more words


1RM Breakdown

16 April 2014

To find percentages of your 1RM:

  • 1RM x .00% = Load
  • Example: 35% of 225 is expressed this way: 225 x .35 = 78.75…
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Get It Poppin'

15 April 2014

Prescribed.  We all want to do as the CrossFit “Doctor” orders. However, what’s more important than an Rx’d WOD, is a WOD performed with good form at your highest level of intensity. 155 more words


Decide To Succeed

14 April 2014

You can’t say you’ve failed if you never truly tried to succeed in the first place.

15 April 2014

Tabata HSPU’s… 12 more words


Boxing: What to Expect at Your First Class

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I’m continuing my series of posts on group fitness classes (check out the first in the series, … 406 more words