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Tuesday 9/2


A. Snatch (fl), 80-90%/1×8

B. C&J (fl), 80-90%/1×8

C. Front squat, work up to a 2RM!

Notes: For A and B you have to hit 2 successful lifts in a row at 80% before going up, then 2 successful lifts in a row at the next weight, etc.)

Strength Workouts

Weekly review - so little exercise

Hmmmm. This week saw 9 hours 15 exercise managed consisting of….. 2 cycles (and a short strength workout).
It’s not the best preparation for a triathlon next week (argggghhhhh!) that’s ever been done BUT it’s been a fantastically (yep that’s a word) fun week. 343 more words


Sunday 8/31


  • High hang clean, build to a 5RM!, then -10%/5×4
  • Clean deadlift, build to a 10RM!, then -10%/10×4
  • Bent over row, build to 55%/AMRAP-5mins MORE REPS!!
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Strength Workouts

Saturday 8/30

This is the start of our last week on the 10RM program.  Awesome work to everyone so far. Don’t forget to post your weights to the website!! 33 more words

Strength Workouts

Thursday 8/28


  • High hang snatch, build to a 5RM, then -10%/5×4
  • Snatch deadlift, build to a 10RM, then -10%/10×4
  • Bent over row, warm up to 55%+ a little more, AMRAP in 5 minutes…
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Strength Workouts

Some workout ideas: Part 3

When I go to the gym I like to focus on solid compound strength moves since at the gym I have access to heavier weights and equipement that I don’t have at home. 131 more words

Strength Training

Tuesday 8/26


  • Push Press, build to a 10RM!, then -10%/10×4
  • Back Squat, build to a 10RM!, then -10%/10×4
  • Bench Press, 55%+ a little more, AMRAP in 5 minutes – GET MORE REPS!
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Strength Workouts