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Update as we get into the Holidays (Schedule, etc.)

Hey everyone- we are not on a set cycle currently as we go through the holidays, but we’ve been doing some fun workouts in the gym.   119 more words

Strength Workouts

Tues and Thurs 12/16 and 12/18


  • Bkn Snatch (working on squatting low), 60/2×4
  • Snatch, 65/2×8 EMOM
  • Snatch Deadlift (3 second negative), 110/3×3
  • Back squat, 80/2×3
  • Shoulder press, 50%/AMRAP in 5 minutes…
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Strength Workouts


Running a lot can really take a toll on your body if you have issues with moderation. I’ve been itching to start ramping up running mileage but do not want to do it while I still have unresolved issues. 383 more words


Sunday 12/14 Max Out Day

We’re maxing out our lifts in an informal meet-style session.  Lifters will get 3 attempts to establish their best snatch and clean and jerk.  Afterwards, we’ll hang out and have a potluck, so come out to lift or just hang out after!   11 more words

Strength Workouts

Saturday 12/13

Today is a back-off day. Tomorrow we max!!  

  • Snatch, 75/1×4
  • Snatch Deadlift, 110/1×2
  • Clean and Jerk, 75/1×4
  • Clean Deadlift, 110/1×2
Strength Workouts

Thursday 12/11

WEEK 5 / DAY 4:

  • Power Snatch, 60/2×3
  • Snatch, 90/1×2… (if you are successful, go up in weight until you miss)

Rest 10 Minutes, then start warming up for next part… 17 more words

Strength Workouts

Tuesday 12/9

WEEK 5 / DAY 3:

  • Snatch, 85/1×2, 90/1
  • Clean (below knee), 60/2×3
  • Clean and Jerk, 90/1×3 (if you hit 2/3 at this weight, go up and take 3 more attempts until you miss)
  • Clean Deadlift, 120/1, 130/1×3
  • Front Squat, 90/1×2
Strength Workouts