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Basketball Strength Drills

http://proshotsystem.com/ Being able to be strong in the “core” and upper body is very important for any basketball player. Today we focus on getting stronge… 7 more words

Continue on in life with dignity

Dear Oscar.

I watched your trial from day 1, and always believed your version. It’s hard to make that up, knowing every avenue would be investigated. 154 more words

Oscar Pistorius

Positive Thinking

This can apply to many areas of ones life but when you are waiting for a baby the wait seems excruciating. Even being pregnant, and having overcome the challenge of actually getting pregnant, it still throws up these feelings. 16 more words


I Don't Like Fish, But I Like This

I love twists. The folding, bending, twisting poses in yoga. Right now I’m thinking about Ardha Matsyendrasas or Half Lord of the Fishes Pose. This is the one where one leg is folded or bent and the other leg is over it and you’re twisted.   655 more words



The bond that never breaks,
The connection that never shakes,
A love from the start,
So that we’ll never be apart,
I’ll hold you way up high, 134 more words



Like a flower a mother’s love grows and blooms,
Staying steadily rooted in the ground,
Swaying softly in the summer breeze,
Her beauty lighting up the world, 139 more words



Protector of the family,
Strength of an ox,
Friendly and loyal,
A love that will never stop,

Someone to look up to,
A man that inspires, 28 more words