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Jesus, the revolutionary

And this is what Gibran Khalil Gibran wrote about Jesus Christ in his short story book “Storms”:

Humanity contemplated Jesus the Nazarene as someone who was born impoverished, lived faint heartedly, and was crucified as a criminal. 365 more words


Painting for Oscar: Unconditional Love

We recently discovered this beautiful painting by Chantel Groenewald Hart and she’s been kind enough to allow us to post it here. This is what she had to say about it -  248 more words

Oscar Pistorius

Mind Fucked Is A Tempered Description

Brutally wounded by fraudulent acts.

Anger and depression and exhaustion have swallowed me whole.

From connection to abandonment.

Denial prevails unrelenting.

Attempts to accept what is lost are fleeting. 186 more words


Can you here me?

We go through years of our life wondering why this particular thing didn’t happen then we form a million excuses and blame it on something or someone else. 106 more words

7 Words after Jesus' Resurrection

For us as Christians, The resurrection of Jesus Christ has a very deep meaning. It is a greatest gift in the human history. This time I tried to depict the meaning of Jesus’ resurrection from another side. 1,723 more words


By Stars

There are two things which mark a man,
The way he ponders and he plans.
It is in dreams we are defined,
And in those wounds we bless and bind… 34 more words

The Nature Poems