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Knowing your 1RM's (one rep maxes) is worth much more than bragging rights!

“How much can you bench bro?”

This question flies around all over the place and in most gyms you’ll be sure to hear it. Even if you mention you’re into training – weight training specifically, you’ll  588 more words

Builda Booty Workout!

This is my personal progress photo from doing the Builda Booty Workout! Now, I’m not going to false advertise… These photos were taken 3 months apart. 11 more words

Real Talk Tuesday

Sometimes I get so frustrated with the process, I forget to just stop and be thankful that I started it. Don’t be in a hurry to get to the finish line, enjoy the journey because it will make the destination that much sweeter.

- Carly


Is It Enough?

So I know I normally write about relationships, but I’m going to change this post up a bit. I need to get this out.

I went to school to be a writer. 503 more words

Maybe You Can Relate

Time Traveling Tuesday: the evil spider that tried to ruin laundry night

As you may know by now I HATE spiders. I think they are evil and basically plotting to kill me. I can tell when they stare at me. 339 more words

Time Traveling Tuesday

A fallback can be a chance to get you to win.

When a point of impossibility asks you to retreat, take a turn to your Allies, refill, refresh, and fight back. That shouldn’t cut hope. Besides it makes hope more possible into winning. 52 more words

The Strength of a Mother

Enjoy this free e-book from The Mother Magazine for quick inspiration.

I wrote a piece for this titled:  The Strength of a Mother is in the Letting Go.


xoxo,  Melia