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Warriors bleed

heroic silence,



by fate,

they wait.

Their time comes,

with peace or violence,


inner strength,

no longer


In history and myth… 22 more words


Baddest of the Bad

Who are my absolute favorite men of the comic world you ask? Well…wait no longer. Here is a list of my top 5 supervillains sin goodness. 69 more words


Intensity training

Many rumors circle around if women should be lifting weights and many are afraid that if they do intensity training they will end up looking masculine and too manly but this just isn’t the case. 151 more words



This is the last time I will write for you, for I refuse to cry another night for you….to break for you, to fight for you, or to dim loves light for you…. 72 more words


quote du jour ~remen

How tempting to let the enemy go and flee. To put the struggle behind you as quickly as possible and get on with your life. Life might be easier then but far less genuine. 39 more words


Are You Producing Weight Room "All-Americans" or Better Athletes?

Recently Chad Wesley Smith from JUGGERNAUT wrote a great ARTICLE on exercise selection for sports performance.  I feel it should be an obvious statement to say that as strength and performance coaches our job it to help our athletes become better at their sport, not become professional lifters..or is a I call them, “weight room all-americans”. 569 more words