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Life is a Test

I have been tested by the big man upstairs variously throughout my life thus far, but his exams seem to keep coming and coming.

I just found out that my $12,000 Cal Grant for my college tuition has been taken away from me. 340 more words


OHM 3-Part Four, Final

Sometime in late January, I get evicted from my apartment, because I’m spending most of my money on dope and on him than on my rent. 1,491 more words


Being Oblivious

Oblivion of the desires and pursuits of mortal existence is a dream which noble souls seek. It never comes down to an oddity of weak choosing oblivion over enrichment for they aren’t prepared to deal with the reality. 269 more words


Niyol of Chalegai

My name is Niyol. Niyol from the tribe of Chalegai meaning “white caps”. My ancestors are descendants of the Great White Stallion from the plains and have ruled this land for as long as the sun has risen from the far ends. 289 more words


Faith Muscle

Read or Listen: Hebrews 11:1-6

In some ways, faith is like a muscle—the more you use it the stronger it gets. I knew a man that started a business at the outset his philosophy was to live and work by faith he never did promotions or ads for his business or asked for work. 402 more words


Words of wisdom

And finally just because it made me chuckle!

Posted from my heart to hopefully help yours