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Darth Affliction's Completed Assignments

Darth Afflictions Foundation Assignments (I-V)

Circa 2009

Assignment I

The dark side of the force is many things to me. It is vast and yet so small so upon some few points I will base my work with the understanding that there are endless pockets and pieces of the darkness to be understood. 3,431 more words


Tiamat's Completed Assignments

Tiamat’s Foundation Assignments (I-V)

Circa 2008

Assignment I

The dark side to me is just a a term for a naturalistic way of life. It does not make that person or me “evil” because we find comfort in an aspect that is just an absence of light. 2,493 more words


7 Practical Ways To Improve Your Emotional Competence


Do you know how to deal with your frustrations? Can you work under pressure? Can you delay gratification? Do you follow through on your plans? Do you take responsibility for what you do or do you blame others if you fail? 382 more words

Energize Your Thoughts

The Dark Side

Get her rattled; even stressed
And you will surely see
The darker side; the other half
Of personality
For from enthusiastic;
Her temperament may change… 143 more words