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'Inside the classroom of a non-Native English Speaking teacher' by Eszter Hajdics

In her talk, given this year at ELTed in Cork, Eszter Hajdics shows that nNESTs have numerous strengths which are very often overlooked in the recruitment process (around 70% of all advertised posts are for NESTs only – see… 137 more words


Celtics Journal: Game 17 of 82, Lakers @ Celtics (Zellermania)

Game 17 of 82 (20.7%), Friday, December 5, 430 PST

Lakers @ Celtics

We all have strengths and weaknesses. A few obvious binaries to illustrate: some of us work better in groups, while others work best alone. 446 more words

Boston Celtics

The best of both worlds by Robert McCaul

Robert William McCaul (CELTA,DELTA) is a teacher, language learner, examiner, materials developer with over 6 years of teaching experience in countries such as Ecuador, Costa Rica and Vietnam.

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Strengths and Weaknesses - Nicole Fairman

I have an ICT GCSE and am confident on particular parts of computing, however I can be impatient. I enjoy working things out and most of the time I can work things out independently, for example if something stops working. 171 more words

Computing Strengths And Weaknesses

Strengths & Weeknesses

Searching for information about college stress on a college campus can be pretty easy but there also may be some difficulty to it. I am going to highlight the strengths and weaknesses to addressing a human performance need with the means of technology, ability, content, and audience. 319 more words


Strengths and Weaknesses

The main idea of my campaign is to increase awareness around the topic of the hepatitis B vaccination as well as increase the amount of infants getting vaccinated at birth. 390 more words



SWAT or SWOT? One is a special law enforcement unit and the other is planning method to evaluate strengths and weaknesses. Which is which? Well if you didn’t already know, … 924 more words