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StrengthsQuest, My Greatest Success

Success and “My Greatest” don’t go hand in hand easily for me. It is difficult to identify a single, best achievement you’ve had in your life so far. 343 more words


StrengthsQuest, an application, part 2

My StrengthsQuest strengths lie primarily within Influencing and Strategic Thinking when identifying which of the 4 leadership domains they lie within. It was interesting looking at this and seeing how the two domains might interconnect and make me a stronger individual. 272 more words


StrengthsQuest Do-over

Senior year of high school, so almost 5 freaking years ago, I did StrengthsQuest for a senior leadership class. I was obsessed with it and even made myself a bracelet based on my talent themes (and I’m still that weird). 472 more words

Find Your Strengths

For my job at Western Washington University, I had to take a strength finder test to discover my core strengths as well as give my co workers a good understanding of how I can be a valuable asset to them and the organization. 186 more words


Social Engagement in the Workplace and its Influence on Job Satisfaction

It has been a long while since I last posted. Work has gotten increasingly more demanding and the mental energy it takes to put psychological epiphanies into a comprehensible format has just not been there after countless hours of meetings where problem solving and social abilities are tested for this introvert. 2,048 more words

StrengthsQuest, Reactions from Others

After analyzing my StrengthsQuest results on my own, I asked family and friends and fielded an understanding from their point of view. I asked a few individuals, my mother, and two of my best friends Ben and Aaron. 317 more words


The Developer in Me

Recently at a RA In-Service, we began talking about our Strengths (based on StrengthsQuest).  We broke out into our staff groups and were asked to share with each other the Strength that you really identify with. 520 more words