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I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Coming back to Paraguay after being in the states was no problem. I jumped right back into speaking Guarani, bargained my taxi ride from the airport, and felt like I was back in a very familiar place. 929 more words

Peace Corps Paraguay!

Tuesday's Food Sample Feature - Coconut Oil & Chips

Health food stores and grocery stores alike are stocking there shelves one of nature’s finest oils – Coconut Oil.

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2 Ways to De-Clutter Your Life TODAY

How many people do you know, including yourself, that are truly happy? Define happy? OK. Happy is simply enjoying your life. That’s all happy is! Helping other people. 535 more words

Take Control

Some of My Favorite Tips and Advice for a Healthy Life

I have found myself in a rut recently and I think it is going to take a complete overhaul of reorganizing my room, my life, and my brain, in order to start with a fresh and clean perspective. 580 more words

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Monday Morning Make-Over Series: Brain Based Wellness

Mondays seem to come quicker and quicker as the summer goes by.  Here we are again with another blog for our Monday Morning Make-Over Series.  Today we are focusing on the brain – your body’s communicating system, the nerve system which needs to be in top condition to keep vital messages flowing at 100%. 149 more words

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I Won't Back Down

This last week or so, my life has been changing… I have been changing. Positive thinking and visualization has been part of my daily life, hourly I use it. 72 more words

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