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The Stress Response

Now that you have a plan of action that you can use whenever a stressful behavior pattern occurs, you need to recognize what causes these trigger thoughts and other stress responses so that you will be better able to utilize productive stress management techniques. 384 more words

R.E.S.P.E.C.T.ful Classroom Management

Stress Getting to You? Blame it on Your Reptilian-Limbic Brains and What You Can do About It

Stress is pervasive in today’s world. So is anxiety. Even Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has ramped up. The latter may be due to the exposure to 24-hour news events of disasters, pandemic warnings and terrorist threats. 794 more words



The building that houses the outpatient clinic where I’m interning this year, seems to be under some sort of malevolent static-electricity spell. I was disconcerted, on my first day, to be sparking against every door handle, stapler, filing cabinet, and desk drawer I touched. 370 more words


It Turns Out I Don’t Breathe

Okay, that title might be slightly misleading.

Clearly, I am breathing, otherwise the very act of sitting here typing would be super creepy and would call into question much of what I understand to be true about the necessity of breathing. 788 more words


Science: Fat Shaming Doesn't Work, the Opposite Typically

Overweight and obese people are often the targets of discrimination and teasing. But while some might argue that ‘fat shaming’ encourages weight loss, a new study of nearly 3,000 British adults shows it’s simply not true.

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HELP, I'm terrified to go to the store!

I work with all types of people. Something that seems to be very common with a lot of my clients is this intense fear and panic at stores. 884 more words


Stress and the Brain

Didn’t sleep well last night? Your immune system may be in overdrive today, starting or continuing a cascade of stressors that could spell ill for your body and brain. 795 more words