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Getting slammed by visions of violence

Trigger warning:  violent imagery (as the title suggests).

Last week, I was in high stress mode.  It’s due to an annual drastic change in my work schedule (and really no other reasons, as far as I know about.  821 more words

Routines and ruts.

Hello! How’s the weather where you are? It was gray and drizzly when I hit the pool this morning.

I started my day with my typical… 1,339 more words

The Damage of Long Term Housing in Shelters

Long term housing can be extremely stressful for an animal, the stress it causes often generates adaptive physiological and behavioural changes. (Marston and Bennett, p. 235, 2003). 846 more words


The Impact of Fear: My Firsthand Experience.

It has been a while since my last entry and I apologise for that.  The last 3 weeks have been so very busy and I became a little unwell (nothing too serious – just allergies) so that’s put me a little behind on the documentation of reflections. 1,200 more words

Our body as solidified mind

After seeing a patient recently, I was reminded of a saying I’ve heard variously attributed to different Yogic traditions, that the body is solidified mind, and the mind rarified body. 1,090 more words

Brain Health

I Yawn for Your Love

Vinny, my Brittany, yawns a lot. He yawns first thing in the morning when he rises, in the evening when he is tired, and many times in between. 1,378 more words


Feeling stressed? Try this simple relaxation technique

One of the first things I always teach my one-to-one therapy clients is how to breathe. Now, of course they must already know this, or they wouldn’t be sitting in my office! 472 more words

Cognitive Therapy