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It Turns Out I Don’t Breathe

Okay, that title might be slightly misleading.

Clearly, I am breathing, otherwise the very act of sitting here typing would be super creepy and would call into question much of what I understand to be true about the necessity of breathing. 788 more words


Science: Fat Shaming Doesn't Work, the Opposite Typically

Overweight and obese people are often the targets of discrimination and teasing. But while some might argue that ‘fat shaming’ encourages weight loss, a new study of nearly 3,000 British adults shows it’s simply not true.

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HELP, I'm terrified to go to the store!

I work with all types of people. Something that seems to be very common with a lot of my clients is this intense fear and panic at stores. 884 more words


Stress and the Brain

Didn’t sleep well last night? Your immune system may be in overdrive today, starting or continuing a cascade of stressors that could spell ill for your body and brain. 795 more words


Healing Crooked Genes

Most of us think of genetics as fate. Tough luck if some of your genes are programmed for trouble. Well, there is ,more to it than that. 1,143 more words

Depression Treatment

Loosing It

Different people respond to stress in different ways.

I have known people shout and scream, over-eat, under-eat, drink heavily. Loose sleep, cry down the phone.  I have one friend, a top-of-her-game professional, who carries a bead everywhere soley for the purpose of fiddling with when wound up. 1,120 more words



The first woman to arrive walked through the door at 8:15, with red pillow marks creasing the right side of her face. She had woken suddenly, she explained, fearing she’d missed the class. 877 more words