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How to Beat Stress by Acting Like a Lioness

“You don’t look very good in that top…” “That was a stupid thing to say…” “You’re so lazy…”

If someone else talked to me this way I would want to punch them in the face, but isn’t this the way I routinely talk to myself? 295 more words


Real Work

“This is the real work.”—my words to my mother as we sat the dining room table a few nights ago.  I felt like I was about to spin out.  876 more words

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Body Mind Connections

Feeling tense?  Try this exercise to identify the areas of stress in your body, and differentiate between external and internal tensions:

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit and close your eyes. 
  2. 183 more words
Inner Peace

How Our Brain Can Turn Calm On

You no longer have to feel defeated by your brain chemicals being out of balance. Recent research is shedding new light on the complexity of symptom development, including the role our stress (or fear response) plays in symptom development. 1,064 more words

Emotional Wellness

Short-term effects of "fight or flight" on your body...

The “fight or flight”, or “stress response”, is a survival mechanism – it keeps us alert and ready to respond to the best of our… 122 more words

The Freeze Response to Chronic Stress - a Description

I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to blog until I’d submitted the thesis but today has not been a good day. At all. 1,213 more words

Thinking Aloud

Stressed Pants!

Hi all,

Sorry for the late post. It will be explained, if not excused, below!

Thanks to everyone who’s started following the blog. It was a very lovely and unexpected surprise to wake up a couple of mornings after my first post to a bunch of emails. 620 more words

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