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KILL the monotony

There always comes a time when a student shuts his book the day before the exam and gives up or when a businessman comes home after work and says he’s retiring the next day. 360 more words


Be Strong


If anyone ever makes you feel terrible almost all the time, GET RID OF THEM.  Cut them out of your life.  You need relationships and friendships that are healthy and that boost you, not drag you down.   154 more words


Three Minute Mindfulness Meditation



Develop your skills in stress reduction. Dr
Divine Aim

A Really Bad Day

Today really sucked. Pardon my French, but there’s not really a better way to put it, so I’ll stick to being honest. We’ve realigned things at work and at the end of the day, I was the lone person who received a pay cut. 267 more words


The Only Thing That Can Stop Bad OCD is Good OCD (with Nail Polish)

I don’t bite my nails on Metro, because Metro is full of dirty things that make me not put my hands near my mouth until they’ve been washed. 378 more words

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

The Stress of Exhaustion

I don’t remember moving ever being this stressful.

We moved a lot growing up, by the time I had graduated high school I had lived in 6 different cities in 3 different countries. 1,031 more words