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Is it a stress fracture?

Stress fractures are an overuse injury that as a physio I tend to see most commonly in the leg. 50% of all stress fractures are found in the weight bearing bones whether it be of the femur (thigh bone), tibia (shin bone) or in the foot itself. 733 more words

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do it like the movies

sometimes life can get rough, and you may not know what to do. but you can never give up because if college (so far) has taught me anything, its that I can do anything. 198 more words


How a psychologist can help people with stress   

Psychologists Can Help You Relieve Stress

Lots of people see psychologists for a range of various reasons. Typically this is an outcome of a specific need for assistance and associating conditions. 406 more words

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I don't even know, everything is a mess. And that's okay..(I think)

Hey guys,

Just thought I’d shoot y’all n update. I’ve been hospitalized since 4:30 AM on Friday. Thanks to Humira my immune system is basically gone. 588 more words


Whenever You Find Yourself Stressed...Read This

We’re all stressed to some degree nowadays. There’s a lot of pressure on us for some many different reasons. We have to meet deadlines for work, there’s bills we have to pay by certain days, we have to follow our schedules to stay ahead of the “game” in life. 238 more words

8 days post IUI

I’ve been googling 6 days post IUI and 7 days post IUI and 8 days post IUI like an obsessed person so I figured that maybe I should add a post to the mix to help others out there like me when their time comes.  


Breathing for Better Health - Part II

Today I will be talking about alternate nostril breathing.  This is considered an advanced breathing technique.  Performing this technique cleanses the nadis which are energy pathways that run throughout the body. 404 more words