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Two months in Toronto

I’ve been in Canada two months now. It’s kind of insane the amount that your life can completely change in eight weeks. It doesn’t feel like that short a time ago that I was stepping off the plane in Pearson International, completely overwhelmed and scared about how I was going to get from the airport to my hostel. 1,319 more words


Nutrition for Your Noggin

What a stressful semester this has been! And guess what today’s topic is? Yup, you guess it, S•T•R•E•S•S.

After doing some research, I found that a lot of foods and drinks that I help when I’m stressed, are actually some that can make it worse. 280 more words


Making plans to see my brother

I’m supposed to be seeing my brother today because my mum had a go at him and told him to be a more supportive brother or something like that. 389 more words

Stress and emotions

We’ve already talked about the Limbic region in the brain and its function in regulating our emotions. And we’ve also discussed the role of the amygdala in assessing potential threatening situations. 791 more words


Our first married fight

Okay so are we by any means perfect?  No!

Do I think I have the perfect relationship? oh hell no.

It is completely healthy to fight in a relationship. 462 more words


The Deepest Place On Earth

Sometimes in life you hit rock bottom, and often the only way to go from there is up – rebuild, rethink, renew. Things couldn’t possibly get any worse. 213 more words




This hashtag has been posted every where lately. It is usually followed by a photo of somebody’s significant other doing something over the top or this unrealistic high expectation that everyone seems to hope for. 254 more words