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Next Stop, The Procastication Station

Welcome back!
So, today was an overwhelming realization for me. People say making lists is a helpful tool, right? Yeah I thought so. Well… it wasn’t so helpful for me today. 690 more words

doTerra the healing oils that our bodies need

Have you ever suffered from ailments in your body that make you not such a happy camper?

Like arthritis or migraine headaches?

Through the ages there have been natural remedies that have helped people with whatever it was that they were suffering from now it has been brought to us in these little bottled containers. 657 more words


Midterms and Finals

I’ve been awfully busy, no stress but my constant breakouts and appetite betray that statement.
Even though I have pre-final-exams and  final exams for philosophy, sexology, art history and french class, a final essay for skating class and art history and write a 500 word text explaining my final projects……….. 130 more words


Holy Hives!

So that happened. Not sure if I would just now be having a reaction to Zoloft after 2 weeks, but I can’t think of anything else that’s changed about my day-to-day. 339 more words


Change Is Inevitable, Improvement Is Doubtful: Biometric "Innovations" For Video Games

As time goes by, people will often try and reinvent the wheel in whatever way they can. Sometimes they strike gold and everybody thinks this new idea works fantastically, other times a good idea is brought down with horrible execution. 1,301 more words


Food For Thought #9 - The Science of Stress

Interesting Infographic on stress and how it can affect our well-being if we do not manage it properly.

Check it out here on Lifehack.org



Warm, tight, secure, loved, fearless, and most importantly, safe. Grief, pain, hope, and love can all be shared through a simple embrace. It’s special because it’s a closeness that is reserved only for those who mean the most. 791 more words

Leaving Footprints In My Heart