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Did you have a good day?

I am writing a blog because it’s cheaper than therapy.¬†

I tend to attack and dwell over what sucks because there’s really no way “sucking” is going to change unless you change it. 468 more words

Problem Solving

Won't Remain Quiet!

For many rising college students their summer orientation is when everything is set up for the upcoming school year. Important things like deciding your freshman classes are done at orientation. 475 more words

Pre College

Better or Worse?

Things were better today though I am a bundle of hyped up emotions. I managed to make it through most of the day without completely freaking out. 160 more words


Maybe I Do Need To Get Out Of Here...

Sometimes I feel like my mere presence causes nothing but problems. Do I just offend and annoy people? Is there something wrong with me? I hate thinking this way because these are the moments where I am furthest from God. 1,034 more words

Anger Issues (thoughtful thursdays) >.<

Ooh, this should be exciting!
Hey guys, Hells Reject here, letting you know that I have anger issues. And I know to those who know me this is no surprise; but to those who don’t… well, it is STILL no surprise. 541 more words


Pedal Pusher

Two kids were shot today while they were riding in a car with their mother. A 10-year old boy and an 11-year old girl, probably sitting in the back seat arguing about whether the window should be down or up got popped while their mom was driving along a city street. 888 more words


all that you get is what you see

lately my life sort of feels like i’m stuck at the top of a ferris wheel and they can’t find the maintenance guy and night is falling and someone keeps rocking the cart and when i look up, i see the huge sky and when i look down, i see the huge gap between me and the ground. 726 more words