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Quiet Days

I’ve had a quiet couple of days.

There’s been a fair bit of ongoing stress about money and my future; *yawn* I am so over worrying about these things, but they’re not going away! 121 more words

Mental Health

Extreme fatigue

Fatigue can creep up on me when I’m least expecting it. When I feel I have enough energy to do a certain number of activities in one day (lots of planning involved so I don’t do too much), it can come along and just wipe me out. 310 more words

The Tiger Gets Tired Too!

Ordinarily I do not write about my family, but the past two years have been a wild ride for our family.  Life has been a tiger that we just had to hold tight for the ride.  447 more words

Boston Marathon Eve

Good Evening, God!

I noticed I haven’t done a blog since April 9th . . . and I guess partly that’s been because my life has been FULL and partly because I’ve had my mind focused on Kit’s running the Boston Marathon tomorrow! 282 more words


There are times where it honestly feels like pulling teeth. And I don't know who feels the pain most.


you know you’re the third wheel

you just weren’t there

not when the really important things sealed the deal

no, it’s not that you weren’t aware… 241 more words


How Downsizing Can Be Like The Birth of a New Life

“Have nothing in your house you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris

I get what Mr. Morris is saying here, but it can be easier said than done and often we have things around us for reasons other than beauty and function. 545 more words


Anyone out there?

Do I want an audience? I originally created this blog so that I would have an electronic outlet for my thoughts (I’m willing to accept the possibility that the reason why I failed to write consistently in my journals is due to lack of convenience; I simply can’t write out my thoughts as fast as I can type), but is it possible that it can become something more than just that? 193 more words