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Goodbye My Friend

I’ve purged my life of someone who was nothing but stress and drama to me. She was a friend, but not a normal one. She insisted on having a place with me that was between friend and lover, even though to me we were simply the first. 183 more words


It is known 43% of students have had experienced anxiety, loneliness and feelings of not being able to cope whilst being at University. Don’t worry, this is completely normal. 298 more words


A holiday from the pain

Last weekend I went away to the seaside for four days with friends and noticed an immediate decrease in my bladder pain and burning, even frequency, while I was enjoying a mini vacation. 277 more words

How I Cool Off When Stressed

“When you are balanced, you find that the world will come to you exactly as and when it needs to. Just like you learned in summer camp: if you get lost, just stay put until you are found.

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Life & Marriage

Depression? Anxiety? Stress? - Sound Familiar?

Did you know the number one age group in America being prescribed anti-depressants are our preschool age children? Do I have your attention now?  Can we all agree that this is getting just a bit out of hand?   235 more words

High School.

Ahhhh, high school.
The beauty of it, right?
High school, I’ve heard, used to be a place of fun. A place to discover yourself, and your interests; what you like and don’t like, what you’re good at and what you’re not; a place to learn. 233 more words

and we all shine on

Purple winter sky behind the stark bare trees and fashionable grey terrace walls, I could photograph you til my iPhone battery dies…

I drove round and round the neighbourhood duelling other locals for a spot near what passes for a supermarket. 123 more words