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Fantasy football thoughts

BREAKING NEWS: Thanks to his Dark12h8 team, Jim is sitting in a dark corner, crying. This means his team either lost to my team lastw week, or Jim misplaced his beloved vintage Stretch Armstrong doll. 436 more words


Blogtober14 Day 27: STRETCHing the rules a bit

Day 27 – not happening.

The prompt for today is “Letter to Your Younger Self”. I am not going to do this one. I don’t want to just let today go by without a post so I’m going to write about something else and tag it as blogtober anyway.  674 more words


Stretch Armstrong is now writing a column called Cassette Culture that is an absolute must read/listen for anyone interested in time traveling through music. Stretch’s taste has always been very similar to my own so it’s fitting that he’d go back and write about his old tapes since so many of us have homemade bootlegs of the legendary 90’s radio show he hosted with Bobbito Garcia.