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More snow fell on Pleasley last night and whilst it isn’t as deep as the Boxing Day snowfall  in the picture, our roads are pretty hazardous.  213 more words

Writing Journey

Wednesday Warm-Up - A Dance to Make You Smile!

Here at the Strictly Support Group, we know Wednesday is the day we all suffer a little case of the midweek blues. We’re here to help you cure your midweek blues with dances to make you smile. 123 more words

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Tour 2015 - A Q and A with two of our fave professionals @karen_hauer and @keviclifton

The Strictly Tour is here and once again we have a bit of glitter back in our lives. Before the tour, we asked you to put forward questions for some of the Strictly tour cast! 560 more words

Strictly Come Dancing

Tango Tuesday - A Tourbound Tango full of Tension & Passion!

Today, the wonderful Strictly Tour cast land in Nottingham where they will be performing for the next few days. As ever, we’ll bring you tour pics and news to keep those Strictly blues at bay! 177 more words

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Support Group - Roll the Dice, Climb the ladder, Go straight past go and collect £200!

Tonight, the Strictly Support Group rolled the dice and had a Boardgame chat. When we saw this fab-u-lous game, that the wonderful Dilly had been given, it seemed the perfect subject for our chat: 451 more words

Strictly Come Dancing


Most of us are familiar with the murmurations of starlings. The flocking displays of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of these birds produce wonderful moving shapes in the air. 655 more words



As a twenty year old, I thought my chances of learning to dance were long gone. I adore live performances, and over Christmas I was taken to the local Seaside Special show. 222 more words