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Rookie Umpires and the Strike Zone

Summary: Based on a suggestion heard at SaberSeminar, I use a few different means to examine how rookie umpires call the strike zone. Those seven umpires appear to consistently call more low strikes than the league as a whole, but some simple statistics suggest it’s unlikely they are actually moving the needle. 772 more words


MLB Instant Replay and the Future Strike Zone

MLB has finally decided to add Instant Replay and start getting calls right (instead of relying on bonehead umpires) to guesstimate critical calls.  According to a recent USA Today Sports Article, 52 percent of all challenged calls were overturned (heading into the All-Star Break).  331 more words

Instant Replay

A's lose the game on a Ball 4 strikeout

I know calling balls and strikes are hard. It is just a shame when a wonderful game ends when an umpire totally butchers a third strike. 272 more words

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