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Giving Away Outs--A Cardinal Sin In the New Environment

Offense is down in Major League Baseball in the last several years. On-base percentages are down. Homers are down. Walk totals are in decline. There are fewer balls in play. 803 more words


Speeding Up The Game Of Baseball

There has been a lot of talk, hell there has been a nauseating amount of talk, about speeding up the game of baseball.  I can’t say I disagree with speeding up the game but I want it done for the right reasons, and Major League Baseball believes that speeding up the game is the only way to attract a younger fan-base.   1,512 more words


Mike Schmidt Wants to Replace Umpires With 'Force Fields'

With Major League Baseball expanding instant replay this season we have already seen a number of calls get overturned and made right. What could be next for MLB as technology expands through the national pastime may surprise you: Force fields. 150 more words