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Oh Crap! I Just Proved The Universe Doesn't Exist.

Several weeks ago I was searching through all of the video’s regarding paradoxes on YouTube. One of the first one’s I came across was called Zeno’s Dichotomy. 485 more words


Ali's Naked Universe

I thought I share this very simple idea I had a while back. I was really into physics, especially theoretical physics. I remember my ex-girlfriend telling me to shut-up every-time she caught me going on about physics, how the universe came to be, how planets, starts, galaxies, string theory, quantum physics, existence of parallel universes, time travel, etc. 256 more words


Heterosis and weird maths

String theory is first to describe gravity as there are states that have some property of Einstein gravity. This is called the metric. It has two integer indices called components. 89 more words


If Motions Vacillate

If Motions Vacillate

I could say I love you
If motions did not vacillate
Oscillating strings of everything

I prefer words
Meant years from now… 117 more words


Adventures in Knitting: Time by String Theory Colorworks

*a review of yummy (or not-so-yummy) yarns…I’ll test them out so you don’t have to waste your time and money on icky yarn* ;)

You can probably imagine my nerdy knitter delight when I found out about a yarn shop called… 647 more words



A lecturer showed us this way back in first year! I still don’t think I’ve managed to get my head around it but seriously crazy to think that this is how the world is shaped! #neveragainquantumphysics


From Byron Jennings at Quantum Diaries: "String Theory and the Scientific Method"

Jan 9, 2015

Byron Jennings, Triumf Lab

It seems some disagreements are interminable: the Anabaptists versus the Calvinists, capitalism versus communism, the Hatfields versus the McCoys, or… 1,360 more words

Basic Research