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„String Theory” by Gabriel Dawe

Gabriel Dawe, un artist stabilit în Dallas, creează sculpturi spetaculoase din corzi suspendate. Priviți fotografiile de mai jos, care ilustrează doar câteva din elementele colecției sale, … 55 more words

Top Art

No Face Just Energy: The String Theory

The starting point for string theory is the idea that the point-like particles of elementary particle physics can also be modeled as one-dimensional objects called… 358 more words

World Awareness

homological mirror symmetry 2: attack of the B-branes

In this entry, my main focus will be to describe the construction of the B-model and the associated derived category that is supposed to encode the information of the B-model. 2,076 more words

introduction to homological mirror symmetry

The first story I’d like to tell is mirror symmetry. Already that topic is too broad, so I’ll zero in on just one conjecture: the homological mirror symmetry conjecture, also known as Kontsevich’s conjecture. 1,977 more words

The Quantum Enigma...

Epica never ceases to amaze me. That’s all i can say!
Recently the band was working on their sixth album called as the title of this post: “The Quantum Enigma”, which will be out in early May. 203 more words

Island Desolate

Parallel Universe…possible or not? Quantum leaping or jumping some say they do it, myself I’d like some proof. In the area of the Bermuda Triangle, I will say some strange things have happened there, without adequate explanation as far as I’m concerned. 692 more words

Island Desolate