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Plot Bunnies - Day 22

We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Plot Bunnies featuring Zombie Attacks and Zombie Apocalypse. This is the beginning of a new project that Dave Mornix and I have planned. 549 more words


Disclaimer: I’m no pro scientist, so there may be incorrect information here.

The universe is astoundingly complex. But at the same time, more than anything else it is simple.  316 more words


Have you ever wonder what String Theory is about?

String Theory aims to become the grand theory of everything. Today, is the theory that provides grater expectations of unifying the four great forces of nature: electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force and gravity.The search for a common denominator to explain the universe has become a theory in which these forces hold atoms together connected through the vibrations of infinitesimal strings of energy. 105 more words

the spider's guide to the galaxy


no thing can be without an other.

all things are connected.


so think of circling,

coming ’round,

joining one


to its other; 39 more words

Disassociative Identity Disorder

Gravity of Thought

“Power, time, gravity, love.  The forces that really kick ass are all invisible” – David Mitchell

What if we create all that there is?  Figuratively you could say we do. 

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If you cannot even look at any dissent, scientific of logical, from whatever proposition keeps your grants rolling in…

You are no longer eligible to sit at the Grown Ups Table.

You are uninvited.

For The Benefit Of Mankind

Quote of the Century : Gravity Does not Exist in Space

I was in 8th grade when I was taught and even Understood gravity. Hence no man claiming to have no college education can even think of such a line. 230 more words