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Sunday 3rd May 2015

Heck, I forgot to mention that the 2015 festival is on 3rd May!

Meanwhile, String Theory are playing at The Ring O Bells, Middleton, Manchester on Saturday 25th October. 8 more words

Here There Everywhere

I’ve done several paintings through the years using textured surface that has bands or strings that twist and turn throughout.  It’s an extreme texture, more pronounced on than my typical surfaces, and, as a result, takes center stage in these pieces.  294 more words

Recent Paintings

A Qualitative Introduction to String Theory

Historical background

In physics there is a consistent movement to unify nature. Working in the 1800s, Michael Faraday, through his study of induction by electricity and magnetism, unified electricity and magnetism into what we now know as electromagnetism – one of the four fundamental forces of nature. 1,130 more words


Divergence Theorem in Complex Coordinates

The divergence theorem in complex coordinates,

(where the contour integral circles the region R counterclockwise) appears in the context of two dimensional conformal field theory, to derive Noether’s Theorem and the Ward Identity for a conformally invariant scalar field theory (for example), and is useful in general in 2D CFT/string theory. 83 more words

Quantum Field Theory

String theory of hearts

When searching through the manifolds
of dimensions where your strings attach.
I find a single strand among bosonic welts
that connects your beating heart
to the pulsars of Andromeda… 99 more words


Geons in an Anti-de Sitter Spacetime

Anti-de Sitter spacetime (AdS) is the Lorentzian space with constant negative curvature. In four spacetime dimensions the metric can be written.

where L sets the scale of the curvature and is called the AdS radius. 691 more words

General Relativity

What readers can expect

What readers can expect from reading Dark Energy and Human Consciousness

Dark Energy and Human Consciousness presents a new and unique understanding of how the universe, and life in it, emerged and evolved. 502 more words

Dark Energy