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How To Float Things Without Strings! MAGIC REVEALED!

No Thread? No Problem! Learn how to make objects levitate in an impromptu fashion using everyday items and no expensive gimmicks in this Free Magic Revealed … 21 more words

Ellohey Orldway!

That was “Hello World!” inĀ Pig Latin, a made-up language formed by moving the first consonant cluster of an English word to the end, and then adding “-ay”. 115 more words


Summary of tutorial 8

I spent multiple attempts trying to type out this summary in a bid to either be clearer and explain the whole idea of pointers again OR to just get on with it and explain characters and strings and how they are related to pointers. 118 more words

Basic Programming

the piano

Walking through the city, the neighborhoods – I love the unexpected views on life in Baku. This time I turned into a narrow lane and saw this old piano leaning against the wall. 115 more words


A Poem A Day #492

A soft, tender flute,
piano and set of strings
Are all the right things.

By Catherine Joy


Portrait of a Violin

This is a bit different than the rest of my work. And, this is by no means my best work. I just wanted to share it with you guys and hear your opinion on it!