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Keep trying and keep the hope. Don't ever give up.

Even when you think you’re nearly there, there’s still a long way to go. But you have to keep waking up and keep doing the best you can. 122 more words

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My name is Ida Dempsey, mother to 3 children, wife, runner and a stroke survivor. In September 2011, at the age of 40, I suffered a haemorrhagic stroke due to untreated high blood pressure. 1,291 more words

How water can save your life

Got this email recently from Craig Watts, one of my room-mates from Shenton Park Hospital who, like me, had a severe stroke which left him partly paralysed. 322 more words

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Family worries and workouts

Crappy morning here in Perth, especially as when people think of Australia, they think sun all year round. But think again; in winter it becomes one of the windiest cities in the world! 501 more words

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X-Men or what? Bet this never happens to Wolverine!

I rang the RAC to book a pick up for my dead car that yesterday the two mechanics had told me was basically a right off… 394 more words

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Pete's blog: Work & benefits

Me and Jade had an uncomfortable talk the other night; she was getting a bit upset trying to pay everything and never having anything left. ”I NEED SOME HELP HERE.” 459 more words

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