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"What's up fatty? YOUR CHOLESTEROL" was the knowledge I had on cholesterol until now.

Over the years, we hear different ways on how to keep healthy, one of them being cholesterol. Now, I didn’t know about cholesterol other than you “get it” from McDonalds, and Cheerios can lower it. 358 more words

I had no idea who Lauren Becall was, I won't lie.

If you lived through the month of August, you’ll know that our dear Robin Williams took his life on August 11th after a lifelong battle with demons and depression. 245 more words

This is the one time it's OK to be FAST Thots & Dogs.

Part of stroke prevention is to know the main symptoms. The sooner you know the symptoms, the sooner you’ll be able to recognize a stroke and get help. 210 more words

Blood makes me gag.

Blood disorders are gross. I only say that because I find blood to be repulsive, so disordered blood is just as gross. Don’t get me wrong, some of these disorders have bad ass, official sounding names, but the outcome of what some of these diseases can do to the body, is not badass. 460 more words


Don't let anyone talk down to you about your sushi consumption.

Part of not having a stroke, is to prevent a stroke. While in some cases, a stroke in unavoidable, there are measures that can be taken to reduce your chances. 251 more words

Fit Bit Addict

One day when I was still in the rehab hospital, my physiatrist handed me a pedometer. It was a cheap, blue, plastic thing that clicked a step for even the slightest jostle, and it was marked with the name of my hospital. 1,080 more words


Bad things happen to good people, like Ted Williams.

Ah, September 21, typically the first day off fall, but for some reasons that’s tomorrow, and it’s 80 and humid today, so all I’m reminded more of damp discomfort. 231 more words