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Strokes are assholes, point being, pediatric stroke.

It’s been said, if you have a brain, you can have a stroke, so to anyone who ever said I didn’t have a brain, eat shit, because I had two. 189 more words

A Vertebruuuur, what?

So here I am 13 Days into my 100 days of stroke facts and I saved today for a stroke risk called a Vertebral Artery Dissection, (ver-tee-bruhl) I met with a neurologist this morning since this is what caused my strokes 12 weeks ago. 630 more words

ignore teenage girls, the disconnect between the heart and the brain is more than they'd like to think.

Follow your heart, don’t listen┬áto your brain, or vice versa, these were the old adages people provide in your teenage years, it’s not true. Your heart and your brain are very well-connected. 246 more words

Study Significantly Links Potassium Rich Foods to Lower Stroke Risk in Older Women

A recent study suggests that post-menopausal women decrease their chances of stroke and death by consuming more potassium. 90,137 post-menopausal women, aged 50 to 79, were studied for about 11 years. 215 more words


Wouldn't you rather spend $500-$700 on Jordans, Loubs or booze?

Day 11! Ahhhh. It’s a nice cool New England morning, fall is around the corner followed by winter. So, hypothetically if you were a stroke survivor, you could cover up your AFO, better known as an… 182 more words

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

Not long ago I was sitting at my OB/GYN’s office dreading my fate as I always do. But like he always does(because he’s the kindest man!) he made the conversation light. 172 more words

Mediterranean Diet

Red red wine, make me feel so fine.

Move over heart health, red wine isn’t just isn’t for heart health anymore. It can now also be beneficial if an ischemic stroke is in your destiny. 88 more words