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I guess I should finally bring up high blood pressure??

I talk about HBP or High Blood Pressure in a majority of my posts regarding stroke risk factors, prevention, etc. Now, I’ve had elevated blood pressure since I was 18, that we know of, I was a lot swimmer, more active and a swimmer. 210 more words

People are going to think I'm a Stroke Platform Feminist, I'm not.

When it comes to health in general women’s health is a huge subject, from a young age we’re preconditioned to fear breast cancer. We’re sent to the chucky doctor to get violated annually, and in the month of February we give a dollar at the register for women’s heart health. 180 more words

Perhaps the "easiest" way to prevent a stroke; eating healthy.

When I found out I had suffered two strokes, I immediately broke down into tears, not because I was surprised, but because I was scared. And after the tears subsided, had I ate breakfast, I would have shit myself since that fear became a reality. 464 more words

Not all Stroke Prevention Requires A Doctor

Ok, so I admit, most of my prevention posts involve having a good relationship with your doctor and taking the time to get annual physicals, but, not all stroke prevention requires being placed on low fat diets and taking a statin to lower cholesterol. 115 more words

Because I'm sure you've never heard that smoking is bad for you, right?

So, I was able to be lazy and not update yesterday, and play it off as combining two days in one, making it 30 days, and 30% done. 183 more words

"What's up fatty? YOUR CHOLESTEROL" was the knowledge I had on cholesterol until now.

Over the years, we hear different ways on how to keep healthy, one of them being cholesterol. Now, I didn’t know about cholesterol other than you “get it” from McDonalds, and Cheerios can lower it. 358 more words

I had no idea who Lauren Becall was, I won't lie.

If you lived through the month of August, you’ll know that our dear Robin Williams took his life on August 11th after a lifelong battle with demons and depression. 245 more words