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For the first time, I truly feel like a burden

Since my stroke, I’ve been very aware and appreciative of everything my family has sacrificed, put on hold, and done for me.
But tonight was the first time I felt like a real burden. 142 more words

Just Thinking

Just call me Mary, Mary not contrary

My pre-stroke career revolved around a 100’ x 24’ greenhouse.

I grew thousands of annual and herbs. Hanging baskets blossomed and trailed overhead.

My favorite activity in the greenhouse involved combining plants in containers. 298 more words

Stroke Survivor

Testing Gravity

“You may get skinned knees and elbows, but it’s worth it if you score a spectacular goal.”   Mia Hamm


In 1687, Sir Isaac Newton watched an apple fall from a tree and began developing his Universal Law of Gravitation. 545 more words

Life Lessons

395. Decision Day 2014

Mommy took these pictures at lunch last week.   I’ve been practicing my laughing lately and yes, I’ve started shopping in the little boy’s section since I started needing more exercise clothes.   1,160 more words

Things That Help Me Recover

Back to the Slab

Clare and I arrive to the sound of Sultans of Swing, which I suddenly remember from our first Foundry session back in Feb. What is also the same is the Slab: this is the slightly slanted zone/block where Clare first tried a climb. 978 more words

"On" Days vs "Off" Days

I tell myself daily that I have come a long way since my stroke almost 2 1/2 years ago.  I also tell myself that it could have been A LOT worse. 55 more words

Just Thinking