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2 Years

WordPress just sent me a notification that today is my 2-year anniversary of starting the blog.  I remember reading somewhere that the majority of personal blogs are discontinued within 2 years because of lack of interest.  312 more words


Uncontrollable Laughter a.k.a. Pseudobulbar affect (PBA)

Last night, I sat around a table of old friends and new aquaintances eating a casual meal and tasting some wines. For some reason the topic of nicknames came up. 115 more words

Stroke Survivor

From the Archives: A Neuroscientist Describes His Stroke

At the AAAS/Dana event on sleep last month , I was reminded of the time I interviewed sleep expert and Dana Alliance member J. Allan Hobson. 819 more words

Journals - Cerebrum


I walk a fine line with some of the things that I say on here considering my profession.  I totally get that.  But I have decided that the importance of this blog wildly outweighs and trumps any offense that I may cause.  249 more words


Natural Ways to Reduce Your Stroke Risk!

 Stroke are one of the most serious center illnesses, which often can happen with no caution and have deadly outcomes. There are two kinds of stoke and it’s essential to know the difference, the symptoms, and learn organic methods to prevent strokes. 773 more words


Underwear battle

Way after I was dressed. I determined my panties were on backwards.

I considered the number of layers I would have to remove in order to turn them around. 110 more words

Stroke Survivor

I'm so easily confused.

   Life after a stroke is not easy.  How ‘not easy’ is it, Kt? They changed the Clearasil label, I don’t know when they did it but I’ve been using Clean & Clear because I couldn’t find ‘my’ face soap.   544 more words