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ignore teenage girls, the disconnect between the heart and the brain is more than they'd like to think.

Follow your heart, don’t listen┬áto your brain, or vice versa, these were the old adages people provide in your teenage years, it’s not true. Your heart and your brain are very well-connected. 246 more words

Wouldn't you rather spend $500-$700 on Jordans, Loubs or booze?

Day 11! Ahhhh. It’s a nice cool New England morning, fall is around the corner followed by winter. So, hypothetically if you were a stroke survivor, you could cover up your AFO, better known as an… 182 more words

On This Day

On this day 2013 I began this blog.

When I was a pre-teen I wanted to be a scientist. I had a book called Boy’s Book of HEROES… 170 more words

"A Stroke of Luck" OOOOKAY Hugh, but you get Day 10 of 100.

I have a lot of people ask, should you be doing that? Post-stroke. The answer is, yes. Yes I should be going to work, enjoying a cocktail here and there and driving. 211 more words

Day 7; B12 just doesn't dye your urine for a drug test!

I’ve said in previous posts I’m 25, and never really had any major health crisis, so this whole stroke patient/victim/survivor thing is a whole new world, a… 428 more words

Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Days a Stroke Survivor

Today is my anniversary, so I was determined to make a post.

Exactly one year ago, on 11 September 2014, I had a stroke. Upstairs, washing my feet in the tub, I noticed a problem with my vision and had some difficulty getting back down the stairs. 542 more words

The Human Tragedy Consists in the Necessity of Living with the Consequences

I gave myself a pep-talk the other day; a look-me-in-the-eye, in-my-face kind of pep-talk. I think I need to do that more often. Most of us probably could use them more often. 1,656 more words