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Super Woman

“I cannot stand to be in an elevator at all…, it makes me feel like I am floating and bobbing around in water for the next hour.” I said to my doctor. 555 more words

My Life With AVM

Note To Self: SHUT UP Sometimes..For Mama's Sake!!

Got a few choice words for you!

Let me explain. They’re all good!

In fact…they’re my passion…words. They flow through me. I speak them. I write them. 373 more words


BEFORE you give a stroke survivor advice? THINK!

As a stroke survivor,  I have been assaulted with more “helpful suggestions” than I can count.  Most are given from people who truly want to help.  246 more words

Just Thinking

I Will Remember You, Will You Remember Me?

Don’t let your life pass you by…Weep not for the memories…

I have been remiss; I missed posting a blog last Tuesday, and believe me I felt kind of awful about it.

849 more words

Why I Don't Go Out in Public.

I’m hurting in the worst way possible, I’m trying to be strong but when I’m not I’m a burden.
I tried enjoying myself at a festival out in the country. 340 more words


Too Young For This Shit.

I’m sitting on my sofa and reality decides to once again punch me in the face all at once. I am so disheartened. I’m starting to question everything about my stroke recovery. 220 more words


The Cycle

I wake up Monday through Friday at 5AM with my iPhone, my earbuds and my thoughts..

I thought waking up that early would be a hard thing to do since I usually fall asleep around 11 or 12, but it’s the thoughts that move me and push me to actually get out of the bed and start to move. 595 more words

My Life With AVM