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I Sang In My Chains, Like the Sea

In a couple of days I’m giving a talk on studying with visual disability. My credentials are I’m a teacher with visual disability. The accident that happened just over a year ago left me without half my vision. 357 more words


The Stroke

Oh man. The teenie-tiny blood clot that changed my life. The dead brain tissue that changed my gait, balance, strength and mind. That millisecond that changed my school plans, delaying that perfect life I have been planning with my husband since our second date. 139 more words

Cerebellar Stroke

Promises and Problems

After the heat of the moment, comes the cold realization for both parties that, in order to be in a successful relationship, there must be compromise from both people. 519 more words

My Life With AVM


A year ago a vision specialist said: “You won’t be able to read again”.

I had suddenly (i.e. over half an hour) acquired homonymous hemianopia (HH). 679 more words

Resentment Versus Gratitude

I have been feeling resentful about being mom’s caregiver. These feelings started to grow when my partner went back to work and I had to chauffeur mom around again. 531 more words



Lots of people love Halloween.  Im not one of them. First;  I have a very real fear of people who have their face covered (masks, paint, etc) which probably explains the whole clown/mime phobia. 201 more words


How's The Mincers?

Recently a friend asked, “How’s the mincers?”

“The mincers are good”, I replied. “But there’s no improvement in the watch and chain.”

It’s Cockney rhyming slang. 628 more words