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'My mummy has a stroke too'

An enduring impact Karen’s stroke is sensory overload. Environments with lots of movement, noise from multiple sources, bright reflected light and being touched, overwhelm her brain. 217 more words


Mammoth Lakes

Recently I had a chance to tag a long with a friend on a quick trip to Mammoth Lakes California. Below you will find a few  pictures I took ofMammoth lakes and the Yosemite Valley. 169 more words

Brain Injury

Transient Ischemic Attack (warning stroke)

I woke up yesterday morning numb on my left side. Even my lips were numb. 

I got my son up to get him ready for summer school. 243 more words


Lies, lies, lies

When I got sick, I was dating what I now know is the most dishonest and deceitful man I have ever met in my entire life.  128 more words


City 2 Surf - Less than 2 weeks to go!

Heart break hill

So today I decided to finally take on this overwhelming fear I have of heart break hill head on. Last time I ran in 2011 I ran towards heart break hill blind to its evil powers. 586 more words


Run for 7 minutes daily to cut risk of heart attacks!

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A simple seven-minute run has now been found to cut the risk of a heart attack or death due to stroke by 55%.  363 more words

Day 4 of Advocare and healthier habits

Disclaimer: I do not sell Advocare.

I have a love affair with food. I. Love. Food. I may not like a lot of variety as I am a creature of habit but sometimes I seek comfort in food. 456 more words