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Salty goodness - a public health success story?

The Guardian reports on a UK study that correlates reduced salt consumption and an overall decrease in deaths from stroke and heart disease between 2003 and 2011. 252 more words

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Watermelon Secrets

Watermelon reduces “high blood pressure” in overweight people and could slash the “risk of a heart attack,” new research shows.

Scientists found that the fruit significantly… 391 more words


Brain Bleeds me and Granny Trucker

Some people have made rather offensive remarks about me and my effort to raise funds to assist Granny Trucker saying I’m some kind of scammer. My comeback is this video, AKA: KISS MY ASS!


I can’t remember who told me about his stroke. It was likely┬áhe himself who told me in his distinct, manner-of-fact way. He method of explanation was consistent: concise and to the point, no bells and whistles or fancifully prosaic narration required. 1,023 more words


Got it Covered

There comes a time when the song that you loved becomes a bit overplayed. Too familiar. Here’s where the cover comes in. We’re not talking Top of the Poppers do chart hits. 249 more words


Link Between Insomnia And Stroke

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - We rarely see stroke occur in people at younger ages but, when we do, it often leads to studies trying to find out why or to at least look for associated conditions. 107 more words

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