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gym gym gym

Went to the gym today after work, but my legs and actually my whole body was so tired and sore after my run yesterday and a long work week so I took it really easy. 73 more words


Motivation, where are you?

Ummmm… I’m going to be totally honest with ya guys… I’m sitting here at nannying and laying on the couch while the kids do their workbooks…and I’m exhausted. 260 more words

Medical Appt

In grateful for my healthcare team. Truly we are blessed in Canada to have free care.

I have countless appointments with many amazing practitioners. All with the objective of getting me back to optimal health. 111 more words

Shards of Existence


She stands alone, staring at her reflection in the mirror before her. With a head tilt she begins to dissect the fragile person mimicking her movements in front her. 549 more words


107 strong /strɒŋ/

tiny person, her strength is of a bull.

strong. funny what this adjective means physically and character-wise.

one may have the power to lift or carry heavy weights. 188 more words


Planking Off My Pregnancy Pounds

Before pregnancy, I was a planking machine. Point blank, I loved to plank. I did them almost daily, and my old personal trainer taught me to be a pro at TRX planks – those my friends, are NO joke! 593 more words


Happiness & Healing

I have this saying that kept me going strong all of these years, be honest, be healthy. And today I’m seeing all the glory in it. 51 more words