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Grow taller

Life teaches me to stay strong through all times of trouble.

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Through out my entire life I have never had a friend that stuck around through everything up until now and she know whose she is! I have had so many “Best friends” I couldn’t even count them on my fingers. 538 more words


Luxe Bidet Neo 320 Elite Series Self Cleaning Dual

Modern electronic bidets can be operated with the help of a control panel or even a remote control. But the most advantageous difference between these modern bidets and the traditional ones is that they can be attached over the… 339 more words


Protein Frappucino

Now that it is almost summer here in Alaska (yes we consider 40 degrees and sunny summer! :) ) I have been craving more frozen drinks again.   174 more words


Your Heart's Content

Disappointments are a huge part to becoming who you are. They guide us, they teach us, and most importantly, they make us strong. It’s disheartening in the beginning, knowing you tried so hard, knowing what could have been. 82 more words

Desperate for God Part 2

To know God is to love God.  To want to grow up spiritually and emotionally is to be desperate for Holy things and God’s ways.   So here we were women in the mid 1970′s ready to shake things up and break out.  605 more words