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Solid with Frost (Wordless Haiku)


autumn leaves   
solid with frost –    
summer is dead   


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Wordless Haiku Challenge: Leaves and Summer   


Photos used: W=Wikimedia; JR=Author’s Photo… 26 more words

Boom Goes the Brain Cells!

You want to kill some brain cells? You don’t need Liquor or Marijuana or any other illicit drugs just have 2 cars break down and spend 6 weeks hauling 4 children to 4 different schools in 3 towns and 2 states. 245 more words

Brain Cells

2014 Strongman Nationals

Hello internet!  I have been a little MIA lately, and the only reason is life has been BUSY!  I have taken over a project at work for a coworker that has gone on maternity leave and we just got back from a 5 day trip to Reno.  637 more words

The weight of the world

Standing in the corner of a room, feet planted, body tensed, feeling the weight of a few hundred pounds balanced across my back. I face the wall, a whiteboard with the letters “HTFU” hashed out by a nervous and preworkout fueled hand staring back at me, reminding me to suck it up and do what has to be done.

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5 things to learn from your first "fail"


According to the interweb the spectrum of definition for “fail” is pretty broad:
i.  to fall short of success or achievement in something expected, attempted, desired, or approved… 1,107 more words


My Barbarian Intellect

Welcome to Bear Bones Strength, my blog about all things strength related, with an emphasis on cutting out the bullshit, getting down to the bare bones of the topics, and also emphasizing the need for strength in whatever it is we choose to do in life. 664 more words