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Friday 25JULY2014

1) Max 3-position Snatch – 70kg

2) Back Squat 1×3@70% – 96kg 1×3@80% – 110kg 1xME@90% – 123kg x 4 reps

3) Front Squat 3×10 @ 80kg, 90kg, 102kg… 20 more words


24 Jul 14 - CF Open 12.1 reshow

7mins of burpees.

Originally done just after returning from Afghanistan, I completed 82 as I shadowed the CF Open. It was done in the garden at home and I was moderately content. 150 more words

Thursday 24JULY2014

1) Zydrunas Press 3×5 @ 95lbs, 125lbs x 2 sets

2) Seated OH Dumbbell Press 3×8 @ 30lbs dumbbells, 40lbs x 2 sets

3) Sled Push 90kg 3 x 25 yds… 20 more words


Wednesday 23JULY2014

1) Max 3-position Clean (power position, hang, floor) – 100kg

2) Strict Press 1×3@70% – 47kg 1×3@80% – 53kg 1xME@90% – 60kg x 5 reps… 25 more words


Monday 21JULY2014

Have been doing a lot of work the past few days so I was unable to get a lifting session in Tuesday and my session on Monday was more limited than I’d like, but seeing as I’m not a professional I’ll choose making money every time. 71 more words


Lifting Legend: Edward Aston

In the age of physical culture, British Strongman Edward Aston was a beast. Born in 1884, he began lifting at the age of 10 years. In his prime, he weighed between 160lbs-170lbs at a height of 5’7″. 310 more words