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A diamond is the hardest known natural material on the face of the earth.  A diamond carries the highest level of thermal conductivity.  The most interesting part is that it was formed by God himself.   394 more words

openmp number of threads change on Fortran code

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 x64 on a machine with Intel Xeon CPU. and I am experiencing an strange behaviour. I have a Fortran code and a lengthy part of the calculation is parallel with OpenMP. 132 more words

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Liftin' Dirty

Here’s a little something I wrote for the BruteYogi blog.  And if you haven’t signed up for the BruteYogi blog posts…sigh…GET ON IT.

Go barefoot!   729 more words


MUSIC: In the strongman world

In the weight room there are always a bunch of things going on, people deadlifting, squatting, pull-ups, yoke, stones..Etc. but one thing everyone has in common, is the music being played. 202 more words


5 Ways Looking Younger Than Your True Age Sucks

Last week on the plane, I was asked whether I’m traveling alone to the US or with parents.

They even need me to show my ID and my daughter’s pic to prove that I AM a father. 1,254 more words



Here’s something I did for a first time ever. I was asked to do posters in the past but I didn’t feel confident enough to attempt doing one. 53 more words