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Tips on conducting the YouCAT sessions

Other tips:

  1. Encourage members to have a time of daily personal prayer
  2. Ask the participants to underline and share anything which touches them from the YouCAT – read atleast 2 questions a day from YouCAT.
  3. 129 more words

Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Eighty: Circles

There are several degrees to the argument about the ark, but any argument that could shape your opinion. Once you get a round of debates in, it’s easier to hear something that will strike a… 9 more words


Overview of the YouCAT

YouCAT is in 4 parts,

We did part1 -> part4 -> part2 -> part3

You can do it in any order as you are led. 85 more words


Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Seventy Seven: Tar

Pete would have to stick to his practice, otherwise playing the violin would be the pits. He seemed to be stuck on the pizzicato notes, which, when incorrectly played with a bow, sounded like a baby… 12 more words


Arching bone.....

Built with  jaw bones of 2 whales in Stanley (Falkland Island), to commemorate a century of British administration on the island


Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Sixty Three: Scrolls

“Huge baking event going on tonight, only on pay-per-view. They are going to make the best rolls without any assistance, or even a script, 29 more words


Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Sixty: Trophies

“To drink from a wizard’s cup is a something many people cannot handle,” said the Princess, “but as I am far from my castle, my home… 31 more words