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Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Two: Mines

Into rock? Maybe some heavy metal? Perhaps some underground vibes? Well, whatever music you’re into, pick something you dig.

Six Puns: Quarts of puns (and gallons of fun).


Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Ninety Seven: Murals

Maybe that tempura has too much oil in it, or maybe it’s just hard to tie all these elements together. If Art doesn’t have the answer, … 10 more words


Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Eighty Six: Gates

New Orleans is a port known for swing music, and its seafood; including shrimp, crayfish, and lox. There are plenty of bars to go to– but they can be expensive, so just have a rich nerd foot the… 14 more words


The Redeemed Plot-Snob—Teens Can Write, Too! Blog Chain July 2014

Music: The Rolling Stones – Soul Survivor

Salut, mes petits choux*! I’m new to the chain (sixteen-going-on-seventeen, fractionally British, named Lillian), and quaking under the pressure of trying to write you a satisfactory post. 754 more words


The Anti-Theme Song

Hey folks! Novel manuscript completed, I’m back :)

Twenty years after The Lion King‘s release, many people still say “Hakuna Matata” as genuine advice. They usually don’t realize that was the OPPOSITE of the film’s message. 493 more words


Pile Foundation Functions

When the soil beneath the level at which a footing or raft would normally be established is too weak or too compressible to provide adequate support, the loads are transferred to more suitable material at a greater depth by means of piles or piers. 379 more words


Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Seventy Three: Steel

There’s no reason to mill about the school, even though you didn’t like your grades. For example, I earn plenty of cash and it has plenty of people… 30 more words