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Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Forty Nine: The Ivy League

“I don’t know how anyone bears the thought of reading the puns you pen,” said a critic to me once, “Unless someone big read… 47 more words


Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Forty Six: Fire Hydrants

“Mr. and Mrs. Watt are supposed to join us for dinner, so make sure they’re pumped up about this restaurant.” said Mr. Smith. “It’s a farming-type place, so all the shovels and… 40 more words


Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Forty One: Cottages

The cab in the city had an advanced TV, to watch Hamlet (although it could easily tell two stories), and although that’s far from the last… 15 more words


Dashboard on Organisation Fitness in respect of Strategy, Design, Teams and People

Read an example of the Dashboard on Organisational Fitness here. ┬áThe Quantification of strategy was not yet requested in this study, but Regional and Operational senior team design strength and quality, as well as… 9 more words

Delivery-Fit Organisations Quantified

A cardboard roof

Over the summer I have been working on different things in the cockpit such as Glare wings and finishing everything around the autopilot-section including wrapping this section in faux leather. 335 more words


Structure: reclaimed wood shelf

As an artist and a carpenter Ben works both with the fluid and the solid.
Poetry, abstract art, music are fluid processes… they come from a certain part of the heart and mind. 60 more words


Plot: Step One

Lately I’ve been talking to a lot of writers who say they’re good at writing atmosphere, but don’t know how to write plot. They say they don’t even know where to start. 372 more words