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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred One: Stucco

The latest mix of the artist’s song left her in quite a bind–her performance was solid, but would her popularity stick? Maybe she would have better luck… 8 more words


Six Puns Day Six Hundred Ninety Eight: Crates

Just in case you’re a square, there is a jazz concert I would like to tell you about: it features a band with a bassist who used to… 24 more words


Six Puns Day Six Hundred Ninety Six: Ladders

“Here,” said the counselor, “take the steps you need to get your problems fixed, and never fold. You’ll be in a different frame… 17 more words


Frame Narrative Fiction

As a lover of fantasy I’m often drawn to stories built on a foundation of lore, myth, and history. If a fantasy is good, I feel immersed and intrigued.  701 more words


Six Puns Day Six Hundred Ninety Four: Gears

“It’s your turn to face the problems you have with your teeth at the spur of the moment,” said the general,  “or else face some… 14 more words


Six Puns Day Six Hundred Ninety One: Needles

I would say you will need all the help you can get, but then again, you’re pretty sharp,” said the medical assistant to the student, “I think you get the… 30 more words



A most popular shortcut from Flinders Lane to Flinders Street (we are looking towards Flinders Lane and into the driveway of the Westin Hotel). This is the Chapter House gate of St Paul’s Cathedral.