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Six Puns Nine Hundred Fifteen: Sleds

“There’s nothing to bargain about here,” said the shopkeeper, “the deals are just the same here as they are on the flyer.” “Oh come on,” said Suzie, “if you let the price of your hiking boots… 16 more words


Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Twelve: Rafts

It’s the internet, log in and read a science article. Would you believe that philosophical parade floats win awards every year by exposing the stream… 17 more words


Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Seven: Oil Rigs

“It’s easy to see where you could spar with the prosecutor, but you know the drill,” said the paralegal, “you might have to stay… 22 more words


Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Ninety Nine: Cobblestones

Don’t try to block how something is set, that would cause way more harm than good, if you’ve rode this far, you won’t have to… 11 more words


Variety and Involvement

The YouCAT sessions can be a great way to get participants to open up and involve themselves in conducting the sessions as well. Especially for those youth who tend to be reserved or shy, this can be a great opportunity to practice being in-charge and leading activities. 112 more words


Making YouCAT fun

Having a continuous session with theories, concepts and teaching alone can become monotonous. By having some fun activities each session, centered around the teaching for the week, you can keep the sessions lively and have greater involvement from the participants. 127 more words


Tips on conducting the YouCAT sessions

Other tips:

  1. Encourage members to have a time of daily personal prayer
  2. Ask the participants to underline and share anything which touches them from the YouCAT – read atleast 2 questions a day from YouCAT.
  3. 129 more words