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By the Shores of Gitchee Gumee

Where is Gitchee Gumee to be found?

Atascadero and Azusa both

I’ve been to, know exactly where they’re at.

But Gitchee Gumee? I would have to ride… 127 more words

Batter Up

I never really learned to play the game

So I was benched, or so I benched myself.

It’s curious. You’d think that rules are rules. 74 more words


“Gadzooks! That likes me well. Pistachios!”

I number this among my favorite lines.

I know. I know it is ridiculous.

Gadzooks! It sounds like something you would find… 122 more words

Here There Be Monsters

Of course they are the ordinary kind

Of monsters. Not the kind that you would find

Beneath your bed. A horror film with one

Of these would gross about a hundred bucks… 118 more words

My Senior Years

My doctor said that I should get a dog.

“A Labrador retriever would be best,

but any dog that’s active will be fine.

Will keep you active. 177 more words

I’ve Stolen All the World’s Bees

The honey locust’s blooming and the bees

Are out in force. This isn’t Innisfree.

I don’t live alone in this bee-loud glade.

They can’t be bothered with me underneath… 112 more words

Stuck in the Doldrums

I haven’t anything to say today.

My mind’s a blank and empty vessel stuck

In a Sargasso Sea of thoughtless sludge.

The Doldrums. Isn’t that where Coleridge had found… 119 more words

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